A fantasy MMORPG martial art game, everything inside is weird and does not look anything we have played before. So you should prepare yourself for a new challenge full of excitements and adventures. Using the darkstory cheats would become viable at this part of the game to cover up all your expenses and needs in the game so far.

Darkstory was created and published by “The Skynet Co., LTD” company and it is available now to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS platform.

This game requires certain special specifications to get it started, and that is what our z3 compact didn’t have. So we have to use our latest tablet to put the game under a heavy test. It does only require from you to have an android version that is 4.2 or up. So the graphics and physics quality are not that high. Maybe on the upcoming versions, it will become compatible with more devices.

Quick Intro.

On our previous reviews, we have realized that our readers tend to look for the depth and high quality content, so we will be moving the storyline of the game and anything related to this subject and focus mainly on the gameplay and its features. And that is how our darkstory guide is going to look like in the upcoming segments.

The game is offering you several characters and classes to choose from, but that is something not a beginner can handle easily. So you are required to follow our steps and learn how to pick the right class that would fit your skills.

Understand The Pros and Cons of Each Class.

First class is the tiger with a very long sword. His job introduction is simply knowing whoever the tip of sword is pointed to. That person must drop down dead. The sword will drink the blood up the martial art masters. It could sound a little bit sane but you will get used to such things here.

The main features of this job is the high attacking power, average defense and critical chance but when it comes to operation, it is very poor. So we would not recommend this job for the beginners.



The Ideal Class for The Beginners.

Part of our darkstory tips series, we will jump into the next class. The defensive enemy creating a trap barrio the people who have high defense power will be the first one to start.

This could be a very quick introduction to the game, but you can understand how high this character on the defensive side, but pretty much low on everything else. Could become the ideal tank if combined with the darkstory cheats correctly. But that is a very high risk.

This class will become a perfect choice for amateurs due to its higher defense, which means an improved surviving chances.

Unleash Your Wraith Upon the Enemies!

There is no shame in giving your luck a shot. And that would be the warrior with a spear. You will deal few hits, but your main target should be achieving a critical strike. This could be very difficult for unlucky people or whom are not using the proper gears.

Darkstory hack will be there always for you to solve out this situation and get your gears into its finest form to become ready for the next battle right away.

Smart Controlling System.

I guess by reaching this point of our review, you are fully aware of the character’s basics and have decided already which class is going to represent you on the battlefield. As the darkstory hack will be ready as well to provide you with the necessary backup to win the combats.

So the last thing we will be handling here is the controlling mechanism. The game has brought nothing new to the controls. Everything is ordinary and just in their regular places on the screen.

The only new feature we have enjoyed is the chatting window that is located at the bottom middle side of the screen, it will ease up the communication with other players.

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