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Travel around the world and discover new challenges every corner and have no fear in your heart as you will be carrying the burden of saving the entire world from the chaos and plague. Use the Dash Quest Heroes cheats by your side to cover up your expenses totally for free and unlock the full features.

Dash Quest Heroes was created and published by “Tiny Titan Studios” and they have released it through the Android and IOS stores for free.

Main introduction

A new hero was found…and this is just an introduction to the hero creation phase. Customize the look, including the skin color, hair color and the style overall. And if you are sick of these useless customization features then you can simply tap on the random button and generate yourself an entirely new hero.

Reading the Dash Quest Heroes guide would help you out through these unnecessary phases and also there will be a section mainly for the advanced players.

You should know that the graphics quality of the game is very low and you will not be having any problem running it on almost any device out there. And that is considered to be a huge pro due to expanding the player’s database.

Next, we are getting deeper into the storyline with all of its details to help the new players understand carefully what they are about to enter.

Short Look over The Storyline.

Embi is one of the last embers of light. A great evil lurks in the land once again. The time has come to awaken. The land of soals need you to restore peace and this is going to become your main mission.

Your first mission is to help the elder woman of the town to rescue the villagers from the goblin queen and her horde. As they have struck again and taking them. You are the only one who can defeat her and save the villagers. Follow the Dash Quest Heroes tips carefully to avoid any unnecessary problem throughout the mission stages.




The controls in the game are very simple and it is considered to be the right fit for the small and old devices. As you do not need a huge screen and very sensitive touch to play it.

The screen is split into two sides, on the right side any tap will get you to attack with your weapon and on the left side, tapping will block the incoming attacks.

Your weapons will vary depending on the ones you have purchased, and you may get new ones to deal higher damage with the help from Dash Quest Heroes cheats.

Enhance Your Overall Powers.

You can check your hero stats from the list on the top, this will show you the main attacking power. Defense power and many others and these numbers for the ones whom are very keen and fan of the details.

But you can also check on the gears you are wearing and have a chance to upgrade them out via the Dash Quest Heroes hack at any point you desire. Doing the comparison in numbers between the old and new sets to know which one is suiting you the best is the right move.

Customize Your Game Freely.

In the options menu you can access way too many features of the game. First of all, feel free to enable or disable the game sounds and music. And if you have enjoyed the game do not hesitate to tap on the rate button and go directly to give it a decent feedback.

The game is available in several languages to be played in. It is advised to always have the most comfortable linage chosen. And If you have encountered any problem, do not hesitate to visit the support section but do not let them know about the Dash Quest Heroes hack service.

Final words, this game is totally perfect choice for the players whom are not looking for this kind of heavy games and just want to kill their spare time with a simple game and yet packing cool features.

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