Dawn of the Dragons was created and published by “5th Planet Games Development ApS” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The great dragon war has returned, now you will be enjoying the battle against the dragons in a famous turn based game.

Gather your arms and prepare yourself with the right equipment to face the dragons. Use the Dawn of the Dragons cheats to upgrade and enhance your powers.


In a past age, dragons waged a war against humankind. They failed, exterminated by the heroes of the age. Alternatively, so it was thought. Recently, the dragons have returned once again…

They conquered the lands of men to the east, enslaving their people as soldiers. Now their armies have crossed the sea, to the shores of west kruna. Your home was in their path.

Now, you are fully aware of the storyline. The next stop in our Dawn of the Dragons review will be the gameplay techniques.

A Smart Turn-Based Challenge

It is not a secret, that the game is turn based. Once you do your move, the enemy turns count down will begin. As soon as this number reaches zero, they will attack after you.

You need to switch between your tactics to find the perfect situation that will keep you alive. The Dawn of the Dragons hack will improve your overall abilities.

Play a defensive ability to guard yourself when the opponent timer hits zero and is ready to unleash his wrath upon you.

Your team will be formed up from 3 heroes, each one of them, has his own abilities and it can be executed at any time, but as long as they are not in the cool down state.

  • Once the skill is activated, you will not be able to reuse it again until a certain period has passed.



Customize Your Character Easily

As you flee the massacre, your burning town lights the night behind you. It is a sunrise of blood and fire, heralding a dawn of the dragons.

The character creation phase will step in. as you are given tons of customizations to play around, but you have to keep in mind that you need to pick a name that is short as possible and unique at the same time.

  • On the next segment, we will mention the importance of Dawn of the Dragons hack to your journey and how it will help you with reaching new power levels.

Easy Access To Game Modes

You can access only two main locations at the main hub, the market and Anton. The market will not provide much at the very earlier levels. However, at advanced levels, combined with the Dawn of the Dragons hack, you will be able to get the best out of it.

Anton is the place that will keep you provided with the tasks. For every new mission added to the game, you will be receiving an explanation mark in the yellow color.

Change Your Fate With The Dawn of the Dragons Cheats!

One of the cool features we did not expect it to be in the game is the multiple scenarios. You can now shape your own path and move towards a fated destiny.

If you have the time, then reading the dialogues between you and the NPCS will help you with having a better understanding over the game in general.

There will be rewards for completing missions. Each area you are entering will have a certain type of monsters and difficulty level. Which means, you must be prepared with the latest gears via Dawn of the Dragons cheats and having enough knowledge about the area by reading this article.

  • The overall animations of the game are very poor, which will make the game playable on the most devices out there.

The in-game shop offers several items to boost up your performance on the field. That is something we did not enjoy much, but we have offered the alternative up here anyway…

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