Dawn of Isles was created and published by “NetEase Games” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

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By the time you would be reading this review, you should know that the game was still in the Pre-Register state. There will be upcoming updates and improvements.

The game at the current moment is brilliant, we have enjoyed all of its features and it has the nostalgia feeling from the Wow game and Arch Age.

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Get Started

At the first glance of the Dawn of Isles review, you should be aware that this is a cartoonish MMORPG. Everything was created to match a certain type of players whom prefer the cartoonish effects and drawings.

The gameplay has many features and hidden secrets, so we are expecting you to enjoy your stay at the game adding the usage of Dawn of Isles cheats to experience shall make everything flawless.

  • As you start the game, you should know already that the game is only available for the online purpose, so without a strong and stable internet connection, you will not manage to enjoy the game at all.

The second part that is mainly related to the server selection. You should pick up a server that is close as much as possible to your region and that should in return reduce the latency levels.

The game is coming in several languages, and as you reading this article now in English, and then you should not be facing any trouble understanding the variety options in the game itself by any means.

By reaching this point, you are aware of the game basics, and we will progress forward to much more advanced features.




Five Unique Classes Available

You must wondering about the available classes in the game and asking yourself, which class would suit my skill of play. Therefore, we have decided to preview all of the classes available with their main pros and cons.

Remember that any class we are going to mention down below, can be upgraded using the Dawn of Isles cheats.

  • Fighter

The fighter main weapons are Axes and swords. The main role is the one whom is responsible for dealing damage to the opponents or stand in the front lines and take as much damage as possible to create spaces for the incoming attackers from behind.

It is not very easy nor very difficult to play as a fighter, but you should know that it has a very low Regeneration system, the defense is very high at this class and it is ready to stand hits you could never imagine.

A robust and brave fighter. He charges the frontlines to fight the enemies and protect the teammates at his back. That was the class briefly.

As we have mentioned earlier, all cons we have mentioned can be changed to pros if you utilize the Dawn of Isles cheats correctly.

Fight With Charm

On the previous segment, we have mentioned one of the most important classes in the game, and we do believe that we need to cover the remaining three classes in depth.

  • Ranger

The archer that you get to see in every MMORPG. This class can use longbow, and crossbow. Main role at the battlefield is to deal high damage as much as possible and controller the crowd.

Very low defense, of course not the lowest but it cannot handle the close combats.

It is considered difficult to be controlled properly. Even with the Dawn of Isles cheats, you might face troubles mastering out the skills for this class.

Quick Info: A nimble and energetic ranger. She attacks with long ranged weapons, and roams the battlefield through her agility.

  • Dancer

The two main weapons are twin fan and staff. She is considered a healer and damage dealer. Once you read the description for a hero and there is the word healing, then you should realize right away that is a support role waiting for you.

It is easy to be used and she is a seductive and elegant dancer. She heals her teammates with her beautiful dances and attacks the enemies with thunder and water.

Now, we are only missing one class to be reviewed and an explanation on how the Dawn of Isles cheats would affect it.



How To Dominate The Battlefield?

If you are waiting for the end to know exactly the remaining class, then your patience was worth it.

  • Warmage

A damage dealer and controller. Can use both weapons, lance and blades. Very high damage and can eliminate strong foes with one critical hit. However, cannot regen his lost health points, so you must make sure that there would be a healer following up.

He is simply a proud and firm warmage. He calls upon the elemental force to strike down the enemies and is driven by his pious faith.

If you use the Dawn of Isles Hack, you should be able to purchase a huge number of health potions, which will guarantee you an easy control over his weakness.

Picking the right class is not the end of the selection phase; you will be moved automatically to the customization section. The game is offering you tons of customizations to be applied mainly to the facial expressions of your character.

It can be changed later with the Dawn of Isles Hack.

You can simply customize the smallest detail on the face. We are speaking here about the shape and size of eye brows, the eye size and color, the lips shape and color…and many more…

Worry No More About The Materials With The Dawn of Isles Cheats!

The game is coming packed with very cool animations; you can also enable the subtitles options so you would be aware of the details in the storyline. In addition, if you were worried about the controls, then you should be ok.

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The game is coming with the same controlling system that most of MMORPG around. Moving freely using the directional pad located on the bottom left corner. In addition, if you wish to attack your opponent, then the right bottom side will be there to help you attacking.

  • Interaction with the surrounding objects is the strongest key point in the game.

Every object around you can be used, whether it is a tree, you can start cutting it down for decoration or to free up spaces or mainly to get wood for further development in your career.

There are different types of wood in the game, but they all can be found in different places. In addition, sometimes you would be in need for certain type of materials and it is only located at the most danger place.

The Dawn of Isles Hack will offer you an alternative, by supplying your account with the materials packs instantly.

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