A new game that is coming in the 2.5D system, this is considered to be one of the most anticipated games in the year so far. Enjoy the several features that this MMORPG is bringing to the field. Choose between several outstanding classes available, and when it comes to attacking animations and quality of the game overall, you will be impressed. But let’s not forget about how the Dawn Rising hack, cheats, tips and guide will help you throughout the difficult stages of the game.

Dawn Rising was created and published by “eYou Technology Pte Ltd” company and it is available to be downloaded and played almost on any Android or IOS platform so far.

Quick Intro.

This is an age of magic and strength, devil born heroes raised. Multiple classes for you to choose, with a verity of relics and weapons selections, you can conquer the world, enjoy the virtual society system in 2.5D magic graphic, million players in screen battle, cross-server battle, tons of fashions an experience that never before!

This was a quick introduction to the game, so now we are moving to the server selection phase. There are several servers available inside, and you have to know what are your goals before selecting the server as it will be resulting in huge changes so far. So we are speaking here about the idea of jumping into a server that was newly created for higher chances of becoming stronger later on the game so far.

And on the next segment we will be speaking mainly about the available classes and which one would become a perfect fit for your needs in the game so far.



Quick Look over The Available Classes.

The first class we got here is the ranger, he has faster attack speed and strong flexibility at the same time of cause damage to enemy, ranger also can get out of it. He is the archer at this game. So you should be expecting to see very high damage output and at the same time the defense is very low, which will cause bigger problems once the battle is moved right to the close combat, always try to keep your distance.

Next Class is the Prophet, the prophet holds strong ice thunder power, can simply cause a wide range damage to enemy. Her swift moves allow her to travel freely in battles. And you might get confused by the sword of prophet, but this is the mage. So you should be expecting to see very high damage that is taking a big area of effect. Also the defense is way too low and range is not very high. This class is perfect for group fighting.

Pick Up the Knight and Save the Kingdom.

Keeping the best and most loved class to the end “Swordsman” he is the most picked class in almost every game so far, he is a natural superior fighter, strong body makes him extremely suitable for further fighting the enemy. When facing strong enemy. Swordsman also can exert extraordinary strength!

The knights are the masters of the close combat battles, they will shine if they are being controlled by a brave and smart player at the same time, always seek to find a good opener and simply let your body go through.

Frustrating UI.

We did not enjoy the game UI so much, because it is packed up with several icons and it is annoying to the eyes, we could not find what we are actually looking for inside the game. And it took us ages to get an access to the quests list, but when it comes to the controlling buttons, they are well placed and nothing is special about them.

On the bottom right corner, you can find the attacking skills and special skills as well. On the other hand, the movement joystick, drag it around to change the character direction. And do not forget to increase your attacking power instantly with the Dawn Rising hack, cheats, tips and guide for free.



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