They have spent a quality time to improve the gameplay in every prospect and it is your turn to download and enjoy these great features. The battle mechanism is one of the strongest features and we will only make it better by providing the Dawn of Templecheats for you to obtain much stronger gears than the default set. Read the following preview below to learn more on this prospect.

Dawn of Temple was created and published by “Good net technology co. Ltd” company and it is available to be downloaded and played through the Android and IOS devices globally.

When it comes to the graphics department, we have to mention that the game is very decent and we have been enjoying the effects and colors of the combat through the playing phase. In addition, we would recommend you to have a high end- to mid-range device in order to experience no lags and enjoy the high visuals effects.

The previous part was related mainly to the graphics effect, we are moving next to the resoruces and how to fulfill your needs in no time. The Dawn Of Temple hack will do that for you and simply put you on the top of the world.


If you are already aware of the available classes and their pros and cons, then skip this segment and head directly into the advanced sections related to the gameplay.

We have decided to begin our Dawn of Temple guide with an introduction to the available characters and help the new players to pick the class that would fit their playing style the most.

First, make sure you are picking a server that is located near your living area. The server location will have a direct effect on the delay and response rate of your actions. Of course, we do not have to remind you with the importance of having a stable and active internet connection to play the game.

Picking the right server will also have a direct impact on your progression speed and the chances of becoming one of the most feared players in this world is related directly with the server selection case.

Leave all of these behind and lets jump directly to the available three classes and let you know the main differences between them to have the perfect selection.



Create Your Warrior!

There are not many classes or characters available to choose from, and it is not that complicated to know the ideal class for your playing style. The attributes scaling box will show you all the necessary information you would be looking for.

The Dawn Of Temple cheats will become available for you to cover up any flaws your character has gained. It will also boost up the entire experience by margined and offer you this free subscription.

By reaching this point, we can realize how hard it is going to be for you to move forward and achieve something with your life and become the greatest of all time. Let’s start with the first class.

  • Charm Spirit: Very high attacking power and movement speed, but will struggle a lot when it comes to the usability, defense and health points. This character is great if you are planning to do assassinations.
  • Arcane Child: an all-rounder that has now flow, but the usability is pretty much low and this character has not been released yet. They are waiting for the right moment and we are expecting them to modify it heavily. As you cannot imagine it mixed up with the Dawn Of Temple hack powers. This will lead to an immortal player.

We have got 2 other characters remaining, we will cover them on the next part so far.

The Next Move.

The remaining classes are the Dark wizard and Dawn Fencer. we will cover them in depth now for you to know which one will suit you the most from this long list.

  • Dark Wizard: Very strong attacking power but very low usability and speed. You might want to pick this class if you know exactly where you will be standing during the combat phase and understanding your main pros and cons.
  • Dawn Fencer: the tanker of the game. Each game that has the same playing style usually packs up a class that is ready to take whatever you through at him, but the attacking damage will be very low so it would become a balanced class after all. You can improve the attacking quality via Dawn of Temple hack, but we will cover this part with more details down below.

After you pick up the class, you might want to choose a name to carry during the gameplay. Remember that the name cannot be changed and will remain forever entitled to the character. try to pick a catchy name.



Advanced Tips.

Souls can level up by devouring each other, the experience devoured is fully refunded. This was a quick tip part from the full list of Dawn Of Temple tips from our advanced team.

Successfully cancelingmonsters’ charge attack will increase self-attack speed and grant skill value. You have to be quick and smart when you are about to deal such a thing.

Consider the Dawn Of Temple hack service to be activated at the very beginning scenes of the gameplay. It will save you a lot of time and effort if you ask me. But lets move now to the controls and teach you the main basics to be ready for the your first combats.

Move around using the movement pad on the bottom left corner, it can be changed from the settings menu, but lets keep at the default for now.

The attacking buttons could be found at their regular location, the bottom right corner and it will keep on increasing as you advance up in levels and unlock extra special skills. But for the beginning phase, you can only find the normal attacking icon that will have no restrictions or precautions.

Of course, the special attacking skills will deal much higher damage and with the gears you are getting from Dawn Of Temple cheats, we do believe that you are going so far in the game.

Final Conclusion.

The UI is cool and does not have any complications that could stop you from progressing. By reaching this part of the preview, we do understand that you are fully aware of the basics and looking for the final tip that will take you into the next level.

The game is very decent on all prospective, the only problem we have faced so far is the subscription. In addition, we can overcome it by activating the Dawn of Temple cheats.

Also, do not forget that you cannot change the class of your character during the playtime. You will have to start all over again from the beginning if you were willing to test out a new class.

We would recommend you to keep on playing with the same single class until you get used to it and discover the full features of the game.

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