The game is offering you the chance to play with your favorite super hero in a very exciting game and loads of fun and challenges are waiting for you ahead. However, this time, you will be fighting to save the planet earth for annihilation fate.

Gather the heroes from all over the galaxy and use the DC UNCHAINED cheats to stand in one last fight together to save the earth!

DC UNCHAINED was created and published by “FourThirtyThree Inc.” and it is available to be downloaded through the Android and IOS stores.

Graphics quality is right on the point and it is recommended to use a device that is decent to experience all the qualities in the game and see the beauty behind the visuals. We are not saying that the game is a top notch in this term, but it is everything a super hero game needs.

Storyline Overview.

It is recommended to have a stable and active internet connection at the start of the game to download the latest updates being applied to the game. Theseupdates will bring new features and possibilities.

If you are interested to learn more about the game then continue reading this DC UNCHAINED guide. Nowlet us head directly into the quick story of the game. The bad team is gathering all their forces and they are planning for some evil to kick in the upcoming days. That is when you should decide which side you are taking.

Create Your Team From Scratch.

Crete an efficient team and use valorous effectively to achieve greater results. This is the first tip in our upcoming DC UNCHAINED tips list so far. The first mission will begin in Gotham – Harley Quinn’s residence vicinity.

Escape from the raiding Para demons by using the movement button located on the left bottom corner. You should be following the highlighted blue path to reach the next destination successfully. However, you have to pay great attention to the obstacles you are about to face in this journey and know exactly where you will be going tooexactly.



Decent Combat System.

The great thing about the battle system is the auto aim. You do not have to do anything in regards of selecting the enemy unit. Only tap on the attack button on the bottom right corner and the hero will be dealing attacks.

Each hero will have his own unique powers and attacking abilities different from others, so your role is to understand the best situation and know how to handle each battle on its own. Combo resets upon using dodge skill and HP potion gauge will increase as well.

At advanced stages, you will be looking for stronger heroes and your aim will be at higher point. That is when you will be in need to get DC UNCHAINED cheats the most to land your hands over them heroes easily.

How to Increase the SP Gauge?

Each enemy you are attacking will grant you SP and you can gain them by receiving hits from enemies. The SP is used to activate the special skills, so you must keep an eye over the skills you are using and know exactly how they work. The powers of your hero will be determined by many factors and the DC UNCHAINED hack will be playing the most important role in this part.

Find The Right Balance In Your Team.

At the hard moments, you will be in hard need for the special skills to deal higher damage. So finding the right mix between the normal attacks and special attacks is an important thing.

Your team will be seeing huge improvements and expanding stages during the playtime. You should control them according to a plan and a specific technique to find the right balance on the field.

Some heroes are good for certain battles and that is why the DC UNCHAINED hack is good. It will give you more than one option to choose from.

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