This is a very challenging game, that will put a huge pressure right on your mind and nerves. Take the journey through the apocalyptic world as everything has fallen into the chaos and ruins but you have to save yourself and your lovely family, so taking the risks and doing whatever it takes in order to reach your destination is such an unavoidable thing.

Pick up the right gears and hop right into the open wild, doge and eliminate the zombies and for greater results do not forget to use our free service into the Dead 2 hack, cheats, tips and guide as it will be providing you with the necessary funds to get them boosters and weapons, later on here we will be diving into the depth about the features of the game and what you could achieve with the service.

Into the Dead 2 was created and published by one of the most famous gaming companies “PikPok” and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on the Android and IOS devices.

Quick Look Over the Storyline.

A small talk will go between you and Helen, as Helen will be telling you that there was another broadcast, and it is spreading faster than they though, so you will simply advise her to stay calm and stay where she is at, as you will have to reach her right on the time to pick her up with your car.

But something not expected has happened, as you will get to hit a zombie on the road by mistake and your car will flip over the road and will have now to find another way to reach your sister.


The character will move automatically without any interference from you, and that is a very decent feature as you do not have to worry about this part.

When it comes to changing the direction, you can simply swipe either to right direction or the left and you have to be fully careful with that because you do not want to hit up a zombie.

Fast firing weapons are useful against the faster zombies only, so try to always put these into your consideration when you are purchasing or picking up the weapons.



Pick Up the Lighting Flares for Amor and Weapons.

We spoke about the main parts of the gameplay and how to reach the optimal combination of the playing system, but still we are missing the firing idea, use the fire button to kill the zombies, but keep an eye over the weapon ammo on the top corner of the screen, as the bullets are very rare and available for a very limited amount only.

Move from one location to another and search for the lighting flares, as it will come with ammo crates and maybe even a new weapon that would deal higher damage than the previous one.

Keep an eye Over mission tracker.

The missions are based over the distance calculations, so on the top left corner you will find a countdown to let you know how close you are from reaching your target, and in our case we are moving in the direction of Hellen`s house in order to pick her up.

It is always a better idea to dodge the zombies rather than killing them, so put the avoidance at your highest priority.

Never Give Up On Saving Your Family.

Hellen now is going to pick up Maggie to her dad`s, and barricade the windows until you reach them, so we are talking about a very interesting skyline to follow up and that is very different from the previous version of the game which was an endless run with no target to reach.

Complete the side missions as these will give you extra points and coins which could be used to purchase new boosters and weapons, and with the us into the Dead 2 hack, cheats, tips and guide you will be able to save your family.



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