This is an action game, It was created and published by “Mobirate Studio Ltd” the game was released on 10 March, 2017.

Start downloading the game to your IOS and android devices and save the survivors and the whole world from the zombies attack, also using the Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare cheats will provide you with a countless amount of coins.

Eliminate The Zombies That Are Trying To Block Your Way!

Damn the road is blocked! Break the barricade! You should clear the road to continue the journey! This is your main goal, while trying to move on with your bus, your way will be blocked with the different zombies that will try to kill you and eat your fresh flesh, so do your best to eliminate them to continue your journey of surviving and to gather all the survivors together and collect all the needed supplies to live and finally make sure to read all of our Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare tips we are going to mention to completely understand the game.

Find All The Survivors And Help Each Other To Survive Such World!

Finding survivors will help you protect the bus because you are going to send them wisely to kill the zombies and to destroy what is blocking your way from moving, these survivors you are sending costs you some coins and you cannot just spam them just like that, you will need to wait for some time to send the second one, so always use your brain to send them in the perfect time and good situations to not let them get killed and lose the whole bus, so finally make sure to read our Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare guide and learn how to control your survivors.

Help All The Survivors To Gear Up To Be Able To Live!

This is how you are going to survive, not only gathering all the survivors together, no you will need all to search for the perfect items to be equipped for each survivor to be able to survive longer and to kill these zombies faster that before or before getting killed, so you should help all the survivors to gear up and upgrade all the units and vehicles to win, so make sure to use and to get the extra help from using the Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare cheats to get unlimited amount of coins to help you upgrade your units and vehicles faster than before.

Always Get The Full Mark To Unlock The Upcoming Stages OF The Game!

In order to unlock the upcoming stages of the game, you will need to collect as much as stars you can to unlock these next levels, if you wonder what are these stars or how to get them we are going to mention that now.

The game uses the stars rating system, if you finished your level in less time and killed the required number of zombies you will be getting the full mark and its three stars out of three, and if you didn’t finish in the right time you will be getting 2 stars out of three, but if you were too late behind you will be getting 1 star out of three, so make sure to play very well to be able to unlock the upcoming stages because they are going to require specific number of stars to be played.

Obtain The Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare Hack To Unlock New Features!

If you cannot progress in the quests that are required from you, cannot upgrade your gears and vehicles to survive such killing and miserable world that has been invaded by the zombies, always make sure to get the extra help from the Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare hack to get provided with all the needed packs to help you at the beginning of the game, and also with a perfect amount of coins to progress faster in the game.


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