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The time has come for you to take a stand and put an end for the rush of the zombies into the land, they have been spreading the virus all over the world and each corner is filled with hordes of them, but in this game your mission is very simple but yet the challenges are way too many and there will be several attempts by the game to stop your marching bus that contains the only survivals on the planet so far.

Read our review to learn more about the game story and its techniques and consider using the Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare cheats which will allow you to upgrade and get the strongest and most lethal weapons against the zombies.

Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare was created and published by “Mobirate Studio Ltd” company and it is available on Android and IOS platforms.

Quick Intro.

Start the game with a single tap and do not worry there are no extra fees are required from you to pay and also the features which we been speaking about the most are totally for free, learn more about the gameplay and how everything looks exactly from the inside by reading our ultimate Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare guide, it does include a quick view over the game controls and how to walk around also the option to learn more about the survival methods inside.


The first mission begins with your bus trapped and there are some zombies blocking the way and stopping you from proceeding, and you must clear out the way at any cost, start giving orders to your soldiers or let’s say they are more like workers since they are carrying on shovels in their hand and nothing very lethal is being there.

Start breaking down the blocking barrels and zombies to clear out a path for the bus to reach the safe zone, and actually that is what the game is based around but the missions and locations will keep on changing, follow our smart Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare tips to ensure that you are surviving through all of these difficulties.



Simple and Smart Methods to Get the Right Amount of Courage.

In order to summon a new soldier into the field you must have enough amount of courage points, they could be tracked on the top left corner of the screen and it will be generated automatically or after every zombie or blockage you removing from the road, all of these methods will fasten up the regeneration of your courage points, and now you should know that each soldier depending on his powers the courage cost will be calculated, so you should be expecting that the strong soldiers will cost you loads of courage points.

Keep Track of Your Progression at The End of Each Mission.

At the end of each mission you completing there will be a detailed report about the progression and performance you have performed on the battle ground, and right here let’s take you through a quick look over these features and how it looks from inside.

The rating stars’ system is working from one to three stars’ system, and there will be a difficulty rating because this will decide how the reward you are receiving is decided, but right now you should be knowing that there is no reward on earth could ever possibly surpass the Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare cheats powers.

Unlock New Upgrades for The Bus with The Help of Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare Hack!

The game events are running over an open world map which makes your progression something you should never really underestimate, you have to clear out as much as possible of the land and start working on making it inhabitable once more, and the Dead Ahead Zombie Warfare hack will actually ensure that you are reaching your target successfully.



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