You must be ready to defend the kingdom from the incoming attacks of the monsters. All the warriors must be ready for the call of duty!

Enjoy the experience at this tower defending game and enjoy the magic powers. Enhance your experience in the game by using Defender 3 cheats service.

Defender 3 was created and published by “DroidHen” company and it is available totally for you to download it and play on your Android and IOS platform.

In terms of graphics the game is not offering the highest technology but still it is pleasing to the eyes. The colors are not very saturated; it is more like cartoonish. So we are expecting to see the game running on most devices out there in the market. And if you are using a flagship device, then it would be a plus.

Welcome to The World of Defender 3!

The status board shows your name, level and EXP. Tap little avatar to edit your identity. And it is located on the top left corner. Your battles and stamina are recoded here. every battle costs stamina. Stamina recovers over time automatically, or you can spend crystal to refill it.

And now in this part of the Defender 3 guide, we will be going through the controlling system. You must learn all the basics to be able to go through the hardest challenges in the advanced stages of the game so far.

Combat Mechanism.

The first part is the combat system. Touch screen to shoot arrows. Sliding on screen to shoot continuously. Drag the magic icon out to cast a spell. Mana recovers slowly as time goes. You can press crystal button to recover 100 Mana immediately. It costs you 1 crystal.

If the enemy numbers are expanding and coming at you in packs. Then do not hesitate to activate the special skills. They will move into the cool down once activated, so you have to know exactly when to use it.

Following our set of Defender 3 tips would become useful in letting you understanding the timings for special skills exactly.



Keep an Eye Over the Walls!

Each monster manages to pass the borders of your kingdom will result in a decrease of the total health points. Once the hit points of yours reach the zero bottom, you will lose the battle and will have to start all over again from the beginning of the mission.

After completing a stage, you will be advancing up in level for each successful mission. And the number of kills you are getting is playing a major factor in determine your bonus coins. Let’s not forget how effective the Defender 3 cheats in terms of granting you the coins and crystals.

Research Center.

Upgrading your bow is something you cannot avoid at any stage. The challenges will keep on getting harder and harder, maybe it would be wise enough to use Defender 3 hack services and cover the upgrading cost.

There are three main attributes for your character to be upgraded. The special skill, The regular attack damage and the experience points. Collect the right materials to apply the upgrade and for a detailed report on how to obtain these materials, you might want to read our review from the beginning.

Upgrade Your Gears to Match Up with The Challenge Level.

You can upgrade every single prospect of the kingdom, we are not only talking about the bow and its powers. We have to also upgrade the health points and towers defending the kingdom.

This will grant you much higher health points and of course attacking damage. Making you becoming strong enough to handle the toughest stages.

The type or arrows you are using in the bow will determine the damage output. Unlock the latest gears to reach the highest stages via Defender 3 hack right now!

Final verdict: it is a very interesting game that will get you hooked up for few hours of playtime. But nothing more the game is offering to the table.

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