Smooth motion enables you to investigate excellent, moving scenes while astonishing embellishments enliven demise matches and an assorted scope of testing, interconnected deterrents all holding up to be won.

After periods of distress in this baffling dim world, the landmass has at long last experienced ten years of undisturbed peace. Be that as it may, when another Demon Lord climbs the royal position, will the energy of his new position be sufficient satisfy his eagerness? Or, then again will savagery and slaughter recover their place on the mainland?

● Classic Fantasy RPG – A mysterious war is very nearly ejecting. Play as a warrior and uncover the Demon Lord’s connivance as you shown off the way towards the world’s salvation.



● Battle for Epic Loot – Fully intuitive touch screen that enables you to hack, slash, and cut with streaming, unhindered assaults. Smooth developments and vibration criticism will ensure your blood desire is perpetually discontent.

● Fierce PVP Competition – With continuous PVP, head on PK, and synergistic group fights, the difficulties are interminable as players battle to outlast each other.

● Multifaceted Character Progressions – A various scope of striking wings, mounts and squires to individualize your character.

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