The game idea is a very unique one. You are simply going to live and explore a new world from your own creation. But the rules being applied to this world are the same we have on our planet earth. So you must be excepting that everything will be going through the same cycle that our world is going though.

Explore new places and species, you may also get some extra help from DESERTOPIA cheats totally for free, you do not have to pay a single penny any more.

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DESERTOPIA was created and published by “Gamtropy Studio” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely almost on any Android or IOS device.

Very low graphics quality but still keeping the sharpness of the objects at a decent level, which is making it a pleasing to the eyes. Very low requirements so you can finally play it on your old device without having to go through an upgrading process.

Quick Intro.

The book story games are a very complicated mode that makes you frustrated for the beginning scenes and we are creating this DESERTOPIA guide version to help the new readers to be able to understand how the game is working and let you know the full set of features.

The windmill seems stuck. So we are planning to figure out a way to fix it out and get it started. This is going to become your first mission in this journey, so stay tuned and scroll down to know what is going to happen next.

Increase The Speed and Progress Faster.

Plants will need abundant rainfall to grow, this is how the game is working in the basic function so we are not going to rush things out in any direction. Tap the screen to bring some rain to the island. The counter tells you when creatures will be restored. And that is one weird feature the game is offering.

You can also speed up the entire cycle of the day and see things progressing forward much faster than it is. This will save you a lot of time for sure…do not forget DESERTOPIA tips list we are writing down to help you through the different missions in the game.




You can track down the rain meter to understand exactly how much is enough amount of rain. If you did not stop the rain at the right moment, then the results will be disappointing. You have to find the brakes at the right moment.

Once a new creature appears, you have to collect it into your field guide right away and snatch the opportunity. Maybe you can boost your creature’s appearance chances with DESERTOPIA cheats, but this part will be covered more in depth later on here.

Share Your Progress Online.

If you have ever found a new species that is unique and rare, then taking a picture of it and sharing through your social media accounts to brag about itinerant of your friends would be a cool thing.

Also unlocking new achievements regularly will keep you hooked up with the game. Maybe this is the ideal way to play the game, chasing certain goals and achieving them gives you a great vibe. And with the help of DESERTOPIA hack, achieving your goals will become much easier than you could ever imagine.

Final Verdict.

The game is pretty much cool and contains many unique features which are a very close simulation to the real life we are living but in a different system.

You are playing the role of being more like a controller over this entire world you have created and you are taking care over every small inch of it.

You may start downloading the game if you are that type of player who likes to take care over a routine system and keep yourself hooked up with something to kill time. And you may also unlock the full set of features with DESERTOPIA hack service for free.

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