Destiny Child was created and published by “LINE Games” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Create your team of Childs and they will do wonders to fight for you under your banner. Live through a very entertaining storyline full of battles against Lucifer and his followers.

You can also enjoy the idea of having Destiny Child cheats by your side, as you will be getting an access to all the number of gems you desire. There is no need to get any app purchase and waste your money…scroll down to learn more about the gameplay.

Get Started

You should know that, there would be several rules and terms to agree on, before you advance to game. We are advising you to agree to all of them, as we could not find anything suspicious. They do not conflict with Destiny Child cheats.

There is an option on the start of the game to choose go either through low quality or high quality images. The high quality images will require some extra files to be downloaded and there is always an option to dodge the extra files and go with the low quality gameplay textures.

Since we have mentioned the graphics quality, we have to remind you as a player that the visuals of the game are fantastic, and you will be enjoying the movement and reactions of each character on the field.

Moving next to the account creation and how to get all your progression data synced up with other account. Consider following our remaining set of Destiny Child tips to ensure your success.

The Facebook can be linked up with your gaming account, and it will allow you to save all the progression you have achieved including the goods you will be receiving via Destiny Child cheats service.



Storyline in Depth

The game might require from you to restart it in order to get the patches applied, it will not consume a lot of time, as the process itself is very fast and will mainly depend on the specs of your device.

Long time ago, war between Brahman, the divine light, and Lucifer, the divine darkness, split the universe into three planes of existence:

  • Celestial realm
  • Mortal realm
  • Infernal realm

In their bitter struggle, the archfiend Lucifer was stripped of power, and a ceremony known as the archfiend contest was held to determine a successor to the archfiend throne. Enhance your domination chances with Destiny Child cheats.

Emerging victorious from this contest, the second Archfiend, Lucifer, held the infernal realm under their control for more than 500 years…until one day, when suddenly, without warning, they proclaimed their abdication.

Now, in the twenty-first century, the mortal realm is set to be the stage on which the second Archfiend contest takes place.

There is but one requirement to become Archfiend: one must collect “Childs” born from human souls, and build them into the most powerful army.

Through none living in the peaceful mortal realm were made aware, an all-out war among demons—all in the name of selecting a new Archfiend—stood ready to consume them.

This was the main storyline, for more gems, you can always check Destiny Child hack.


Battle System

We will show you now, how the combat works and the peak element that will show up during the gameplay different parts.

The game is censored, so you must know that it is recommended for the young kids to play it. However, we have to let you know that there is an uncensored version available as well. The Destiny Child hack will work on both versions.

You must remember that the game is following the auto-attacking mode. This means that if you ever started a stage and went idle, the characters will resume the combat and will keep on taking their turns and controlling the game automatically without your permission.

  • Each character has a basic attack damage.
  • Each character has an ultimate skill
  • You can tap on the ultimate once it powers up after a certain period
  • Each activated skill will move directly into the cool down
  • Once you hit the 100% ready state, you can activate the team attack
  • Attacking the enemies with the team attack skill will deal a massive damage
  • Upgrade your heroes with the gems from Destiny Child hack

Those were the main key points on the battlefield, we do think we can think of a better option to survive the combat and dominate any challenge.



How to Play?

Attacking could be done by tapping on the icon skill, there are several attacking albites created for each hero. Do not leave any skill unused as you are wasting time and giving a chance for your opponent to survive.

Upgrading your heroes could be done by completing stages and advancing up in the levels, but the gems you are going to receive from Destiny Child cheats will do wonders as well and put you on the map among the other top tier players.

Skipping the cinematics and heading directly to the gameplay contents could be done by tapping on the skip word on the top right corner. However, we are advising you to use the gaming settings.

  • The downtown at last, this place is paradise for demons
  • Move around from one place to another from stories
  • Clean out the cities in your realm
  • Read the dialogues from the right icon
  • You can repeat the mission instructions if you want
  • Fastest routes for gems is through Destiny Child hack

You can know exactly the rewards you are about to receive before the challenge begins, and you can know your enemies at the first place. Therefore, you can choose your own heroes whom are fit to face the certain types of enemies.

General Key Points

Activate skills by building up your skill gauge! Once the battle starts, your skill gauge will automatically start filling up. Once the skill gauge is full, it is time to let loose!

Just tap to use your skills. This is a good way to deal tons of damage. Tap skills have a fixed rate chance of turning into critical attacks. When they do, the skill button will say critical on it. Those are the main parts of the fights on the battlefield.

The Destiny Child cheats gems will allow you to purchase new gears for your characters. The upgraded and improved characters will dominate the battlefield and you can receive new characters by completing stages.

You can realize that stars rate the heroes, each star will indicate the powers of the hero and you must know that the heroes with higher stars are rare and will have a much better impact on the battlefield. The Destiny Child hack also will increase the states and numbers of each hero.

Edit the team and select the heroes you think that they are ready to fight with you on the battlefield. Read the description of each hero to know which one is ready to complete in the upcoming challenges.

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