High quality Graphics, combined with the right storyline to follow and very interesting gameplay features still waiting up there for you. Fight scary bosses and unlock new dungeons. Always have the Destiny6 cheats by your side in this interesting journey.

Destiny6 was created and published by “Netmarble Games” company, one of the biggest gaming companies in the world currently. The game is available on the android and IOS platforms.

Main Event.

The main game events are running in very weird dimension, and the main characters are very unique and loveable from the first sight. Julian is fighting for the young kids and their future in the kingdom. But it seems to him that the union and the kingdom are up to do something strange and weird.

And now that is when the boss battle will begin and you must have a basic knowledge about the main game components in order to survive this battle and know exactly how to fight up. Reading the Destiny6 guide could be a very interesting idea from this point.

Prepare Yourself for The First Battle.

First boss battle is against the Vulcans, the mobile tactical support android. The heroes will enter the fight automatically and you will be taking control over the special skills and when to activate them.

First one in the list is the Chain Spike: AOE damage equal to 340% of defense. 10% chance to decrease the target’s attack by 20% for 12 seconds.

We do believe that this skill is an ideal choice against the big bosses that you are not matching them in terms of powers and health points. Find more Destiny6 tips related to the battles down below.



Advanced Battle Techniques.

The monster’s attack range will be displayed on the floor as a red highlighted path. Use your D-Pad to dodge the attacks. And use the Spiky Bolt to deal AOE damage equal to 36% max HP. 8% chance to shock the enemy unit for 7.5 seconds.

Once the red skill appears on the battle ground, then you should realize that this is the time to use the red skill by dragging It from the bottom bar on the screen. This is more like the knock out skill that you will be saving until you break out all the enemy’s defenses.

And there are several ways to enhance your powers in the game so far, but we will go through the easiest and still mentioning the remaining ones. At the start, we would recommend you to use Destiny6 cheats service to have enough funds for your future.

How Does the Missioning System Works?

After each combat you are winning successfully, there will be rewards waiting for you. But first we are advising you to use the Destiny6 hack to be able to get the three stars out of three and get the maximum reward rate possible.

Each star will be related mainly to part of the mission you are supposed to accomplish. The first star for clearing the adventure, second one was for successfully breaking 1 or more times. Third star was for using the drag skill 1 or more times. We wanted to let you know how the star’s system works.

Final Conclusion.

Help your heroes to advance up in levels by accomplishing missions, the higher your heroes level the more skills will be unlocked and upgraded to deal massive damage. And with the gold from Destiny6 hack you will be reaching some new levels of powers you never dreamt of so far.

The game has tons of features available inside, and we do not have the full time to cover them all in this small preview version. So you can wait for the bigger and longer version to be released or can download the game if you are looking for something that would keep you hooked up through a very entertaining storyline and at the same time you are getting the right quality of graphics.

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