Diablo Immortal was created and published via the famous “Blizzard Entertainment, Inc.” and it is available on both stores, the Android and IOS.

Your beloved diablo game has finally made its way to the mobile devices; it is a dream that came true. Therefore, we could not wait to put the game into test and see how it’s looking like, and the results are unbelievable!

The game is outstanding and it has met our expectations, you can enjoy different six classes and a very long and entertaining storyline. The only downside we have faced so far is the in-game purchases, and the Diablo Immortal cheats will help you to overcome this problem.

Quick Info

Five years after the destruction of the world stone, the famous diablo has returned to the mobile devices with more than five classes and several attacking buffs. New zones and more interesting story. So we have decided to bring it to you and decide whether you like the gameplay or not.

We will begin our series of Diablo Immortal tips with the classes and try to improvise them for you to know how to play with any class of them.

Main Classes

There are four different classes and you can choose which one you desire and each one comes with pros and cons, we shall enlist them for you down below.

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  • Monk: he is the person responsible for providing healing and assistance to the party members and still can deal damage but it is not strong enough compared with the other classes. We are recommending it for the support players.
  • Wizard: this class Is very unique in this game, they have spent a lot of time on making it cool. We do not need to talk much about it; very high damage and low defense and can handle the crowds.
  • Barbarian: the melee fighter with very high agro and aggressive attacks. With the Diablo Immortal hack you can find the right gears and explode the entire world.



Those were the main classes we have tested so far and we do believe it is very interesting to pick any of those classes that are meeting your needs.

How To Play?

Move around the map with the touch pad on the bottom left corner, swipe on your desired direction and the character will follow up right away. You can find your character name and health shown on the top left corner.

On the right side of the screen, there will be the given quest and with a small mini map above it. Getting yourself packed up and ready for any surprises Is a smart move, and it could be done faster with the Diablo Immortal cheats.

Get closer to the npcs and the interaction icon will appear right on the screen in yellow color.

Outstanding Storyline

There are very interesting dialogues in the game, and they are voice over as well. Therefore, it’s not just random boring dialogues that will turn off you from the game.

Once you enter a battle, make sure that you are having enough amount of potions and also tapping quickly on the attack button located on the bottom right side.

Your gears are playing a vital role in indicating the amount of damage you are dealing, so the Diablo Immortal hack could be an option to have strong gears without paying anything.


Using special skills to destroy the enemies is necessary. But you have to keep on training to find the right combo for your class.

The skills working by system of drag and drop. Some of the skills will require from you to charge and release to blast the enemies depending on your preferred direction.

Always remember to track your given task on the right side of the screen to know exactly where you are going. In addition, the Diablo Immortal hack on the other hand to ensure that you are reaching your destination safely and successfully.

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