If you are running out of your time and can’t defeat the different players that playing the game from all over the world, and you also cannot equip a customize your character and to look the you want to look amazing. This game was created and developed by “Scoopely” and you can download it on Android or IOS platforms. Do not forget to use Dice With Ellen Cheats For Free.



Meet Ellen the One That Will Teach You How to Play the Game!

Welcome to the dice game! You know what they say…Ellen and dice make everything nice, want to learn by playing a game together? In dice, your goal is to score more than your opponent! Score points by rolling combinations of five dice, alright, first things first now it’s time to roll the dice, you get 3 rolls per turn to build a combination, the roll button shows how many rolls are left, you can tap dice to hold them between rolls, tap the fives now! Now after scoring 4 fives out of five, your total score is going to be increased by 20 points, at this game you are going to play versus Ellen, and she score five appaloosas! Ellen scored 50 points with five of the same number, and finally make sure to read all of our Dice with Ellen tips to understand how to play the game.


Get Ready and Enter Your First Name That Will Spread All Over the Game!

After beating Ellen in her game, you are going to enter the name you are going to play with forever, after that tap on match me to find you someone to play with right now, it’s like a dating tap for dice, after rolling the dice you will be getting a nice score, and their turn will begin, and we will let you know when it’s your turn again, tap the back button to go back home, hi there! I missed you I have been stuck in your pocket for days! Ellen will say so, and then will also say you can see the games you are currently playing in my games, well isn’t that convenient, now let’s find you more people to play against tap buddies below, and also you should keep reading our Dice with Ellen guide to fully understand the game before you even start it.



You Can Always Play Against Your Real Friends and Show Who Is the Lucky Person Today!

Your friends and suggested friends are listed below and they look friendly, start a game with one of them, you can always start games at the end of your turn, every time you come back Ellen will suggest you some more games to play, swipe a player to the left to pass and come back to them later, so make sure to play against the different people around the world at the same time, and also don’t forget that there is a chat option to chat with anyone you are playing against.

Make Sure to Join the Game Daily for Extra Surprising Rewards!

You have daily good rewards if you kept playing and entering the game every day, Ellen is going to suggest you a lot of games to be played and to enjoy your time, another thing you need to know about in the game, you can always get a free roll in every game, but also it’s only 1 free roll, and if you want more rolls you can always get the extra help from the Dice with Ellen cheats and you will be getting unlimited amount of rolls to match the perfect gives together and to score a greater score.

Obtain The Dice with Ellen Hack to Unlock New Features!

you can always get the help from the Dice with Ellen Hack to be provided with a countless amount of rolls and bonuses to get higher scores than the others to be in the leading score board of the game, so finally make sure to be lucky today do match a great fives.


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