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Through childhood we all loved digimon cartoon series, and our wishes was to have that link to connect our world to the digiomn world and own those wonderful beasts, now “Bandai Namco entertainment” have make it real by making its new game digimon Links, the game is defined as role play game and available for both android and IOS devices, the game is about the great digimon series cartoon and make you a digimon collector like the game, so through the game you will have to collect the digimons and raise them through  your farm, and as you get them bigger and stronger you will be able to get them through battles where they will fight against other digimons and win them for rewards and trophies that you will use them for the upgrades and explore new worlds and get into new battles, the gme hve very cool graphics and visuals, and bring many fun and challenge through many battles and modes, so let’s tlk about digimon Links tips and how to play the game and how to use digimon Links hack and what we will get from it.

Unique Design.

As you start the game you will get addicted through the cool designs of the characters, terrains and buildings, and the movement of the characters and their attack and battle skills effects are very like the characters in the cartoon series, and as you play the game you will enjoy many game visuals and sound effects, and you can control the graphics quality to make it suitable with your device to take the best performance of the game and prevent any lags, the buttons and frames of the game are designed to be suitable with the game story.

The game sounds are very well made and made by real characters to give a sense of reality to the game, and through all of this you will get a great experience like no other game ever.

Manage Your Digimons.

The game is role play game with the strategic play, so you will test your strategy skills and improve them through the game, through the commanding of digimons and setting them to the battles and make them strong to win all the battles and be the strongest digimon collector in the world with the strongest digimons, through this you will have to build your digimon farm to keep your digimons through it and upgrade their skills, and from the rewards of the battles you will be able to upgrade the characters and heal them from their wounds from the battles, and if you want to make them the strongest, you can use digimon links cheats and get all the upgrades for your digimons for free and with no external cost or time to collect the items and gems needed to perform the upgrades, and as you upgrade your digimons you will also need to upgrade the farm to be able to contain them and allow you to get more digimons to use them in the battles against others.



Like a Pet.

Raising a digimon is like raising a pet, that means that you have to take care of your digimons and pet them and feed them, heal them and take care of their evolution and know how to make them stronger through training and upgrades for your digimons, also you can customize your digimons and make them look unique than other digimons and they still have their power and skills, as you enhance your digimon and get their trust you will get friendship points from them and this will make them battle stronger to make you proud of them, through the 3 VS 3 battles you will have to command them and make them ready for battles, and as you take care of them they will gain your trust and help you to win the battles.

Be careful, if you don’t take care of your digimons they will give you their bcks and start to lose your friendship points and it could reach that they could leave you and run away from you, you can use digimon links cheats and get what it needs to have their trust and always have their food ready.

As you play also you will need to digivolve your digimons to make them reach new levels and heights and make them stronger, and as you make this to all the digimons you have, you will get the strongest digimon team in the game and you will be able to win every battle, and for upgrading them you will need coins and items to perform this upgrade, and as you win a battle you will earn them, but you can also get them by using the digimon links cheats and get all of the items, coins and gems to get all the upgrades you want and play the game like a pro.

CO-OP Battles.

You can play the game through the co-op mode that will make the digimons to co-op with each other and to win the battle, as you will arrange them who will start and who will be after them, and through easy button you will be able to arrange for your battle and prepare for it, also you can interact and command your digimons through easy simple command stamps like left, right, middle and go or retreat and you will take simple responses from them that will inform you that they have understand the order, and through the shared AP you will be able to know the status of your digimons and share their AP together will give them more power to take on battles after battles easily and more safe for all of them than fighting every digimon alone, you can also use digimon hack and get the maximum AP and power to your digimons to always win the battles and always be the strongest among other players.



Unique Team.

The game allows you to collect your unique team and edit them the way you like as your strategic skills sees, so you can edit some digimons and leave others, and use some as your main fighter and others not, it all depends on you and your vision to the circumstances and battles, and as you get into many battles you will need to expand your team as some digimons will get tired and nee to rest to heal, so you will need other digimons to take the lead and battle till you reach the best rank in the game, you can use digimon links cheats and get all the digimons AP and HP to make them always ready to battle, and if you want to change them and see new digimons on the battle ground you can use digimon links hack and get all the upgrades for all your digimon team and win all the trophies alone.

Digimon Links Hack.

Through the game you will need to have all the digimons ready for fight and have your trust, so you will have to fight with them to earn rewards that you will spend on them and that will take so much time, or you can use digimon links hack and make the strongest digimon team among all the world, the main thing it will make that it will allow you to make all the upgrades to your digimons and farm for free and with no wait of time, and the second thing that you will be able to get all the packages for free and with no external purhases, also it will disable ads and make you play the game freely.

Digimon links hack is completely safe and don’t need rooted device or jailbraked one and it won’t affect your device performance at all.

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