The game is still in its early access form, so you should be expecting new updates coming frequently to patch up the different parts of the game, overall…this is a great experience when it comes to the role playing games on the mobile phones. But to learn more about it, do not forget to use and read our Diosa Force hack, cheats, tips and guide for free.

Diosa Force was created and published by “Auer Media & Entertainment” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely on any Android or IOS platform.


The game storyline is simply based over the idea of protecting the princess from the great danger, become the hero of your Kingdome and take the burden of protecting the princess and defeat the villains.

After enemies are defeated, Zax hurries to check on Zoe and Achilles. Suddenly, a lady who radiates warmth appears behind the statue of goddess. “A journey of fate, is about to begin”. The earth starts to tremble and everything is shaking. Through the clouds, the three young adventurers approach the sky island in a very shocking scene. And this was the end of the game story. So let’s proceed on the next segment through the different parts of the game.

Team UP!

Pick up a decent name for your team, it must come between 2 to 9 characters, and if you cannot think of any name, then the random name generator is waiting for you. Remember that it will cost you a lot in order to rename your team later on the game, so try as much as possible to pick a name that will last for as long as possible.

Once your team is ready to roll, the time will come to select a playable mode from four different modes inside, each one is coming packed up with special story and playing style.



Choose Between Several Available Playable Modes.

Let’s begin the explanation journey of the available modes, we are speaking about the Event, and this mode is only available at certain occasions, it is responsible for the events which are being held by the game globally.

Next mode is the challenge, some people might carry some hate towards this mode since it is allowing only males to participate in it, and we actually do not understand what is the idea from letting males only through this mode, but whatever it is not that good and we are not recommending it for you anyway.

Speaking here about our favorite mode which is the campaign, we usually go through the campaign mode in any game that we newly download, because this will simply teach you out all the basics of the game and even the advanced principles, could be found there, so it is all time starter for me.

At the end we have mention that the Trial mode will only become available once you reach the rank 14 at the playing time, work your best through the ranking system to enjoy the trial mode.

Starting Mission in Depth.

Your first mission here is to find the tainted essence of wind so that goddess can purify it. Pick up your team before you enter the mission, check your enemy points since each mission will come at a cost. Remember that you can choose up to 5 different heroes from the list, and each one of them is ready to roll out.

Receive great rewards for completing the given missions, and these rewards we are pretty sure that it is not comparable with what you will be possibly receiving from the Diosa Force hack, cheats, tips and guide but it could do something when it comes to upgrading minor parts of your hero.

Final Words.

The game is a perfect choice for non-English speakers, but if you are an English speaker then you will find some troubles since there is not a version of the game that was released fully in English yet. But when we speak about the gameplay, then this one is a perfect choice.



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