Maleficent casted an evil spell over the marvelous city and brought everything down, enter the challenge of creating the Disney park and making it one of the best parks all over the world by fighting off the dark sides and brining your plans and ideas into reality, share some amazing moments with all of them old Disney characters and live their stories, but do not forget that you will need to have loads of gems in order to fight off the dark powers but do not worry as the Disney Magic Kingdoms with Beauty and the Beast cheats will be there for you and provide all of them gems for free to you.

This outstanding joyful game was created by the top rated company in the cartoons industry “Disney” and it is available to be downloaded on many platforms, mainly the Android and IOS ones so get it right now and live the thrilling challenge.

Game Story.

once upon a time there was a fairy place that everyone has lived in peace and happiness inside, and there comes a guy who was willing to take the adventure, but actually it was only him who wanted to have fun as much as he wanted, but something has happened!

The evil lord has taken place and started to bring chaos and destruction to all over the city and the joy has disappeared for long time, but this is your time to take place and become the real hero that is going to save the city from the evil lord and bring peace and happiness back to everyone, you will be receiving some important Disney Magic Kingdoms with Beauty and the Beast tips about your journey and that is why this could be benefiting you out.

Enter Your Name to Become the Savior of the Kingdom.

Welcome to the game and prepare yourself to enter your own age and the Gender of course do not forget to agree to the game terms of use before entering right to the gameplay scenes.

As this land has fallen into the darkness you should know already that your mission is not easy and you will be facing many tough problems and challenges, using the Disney Magic Kingdoms with Beauty and the Beast cheats would be smoothing things up for you with the numbers of credits you will be receiving.

Investigate Around to Find Answers.

At your first mission you will be send around the city to investigate who have turned on the lights during the day, so your mission is to simply search for answers and put them up together for an ultimate solution, click on the button located on the right side of the screen and tap on the GO button, but the missions will never end as they will keep getting updated regularly.

Spread The Joy and Happiness All Over the Kingdom.

Remember that if you ever have managed to create more fun for the people around the city this will simply make the mission of making more magic and building the kingdom again from the scratch much easier, so let’s do our best in here to make the people in here happy as possible, and all the necessary information needed about such a task can be found in the Disney Magic Kingdoms with Beauty and the Beast guide for free.

Save Yourself the Construction and Quests Time Using the Disney Magic Kingdoms with Beauty and the Beast Hack.

Checking your quests to know your goals in the game by tapping on the quests icon located at the bottom left side of the screen, and your own level indicator is located on the left top corner it will be increasing by completing missions successfully with few moves and under the deadline limit.

now let’s clear the curse from the castle to bring it back to its normal state, but this will be taking time until it is accomplished but using the gems that was obtained from the Disney Magic Kingdoms with Beauty and the Beast hack will simply save you a lot of time as we have clarified above.


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