Disney Sorcerer’s Arena was created and published by “Glu Games Inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

Build your Disney roster from the most famous characters of all time. Train them hard and enjoy fighting side by side with your favorite characters through different game modes.

If you are a fan of the solid storyline, then you will find it amusing. In addition, if you are looking for the arena battles and challenging other players to show off your muscles, then you will find it as well implemented inside.

Collect tokens and diamonds to improve your deck of heroes, but the cost will be expensive in order to become solid enough. That is when the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena cheats will shine as the savior of the day!

Get Started

Our Disney Sorcerer’s Arena review will move through the deepest parts of the game features, so you should stay focused and read it to its end.

The game begins by offering you to login through your social media accounts or use the guest mode. The social media login will offer you the ultimate cloud saving feature and easy access to your friends.

The guest mode will delete all the data as soon as you replace the device or even uninstall the game, so there is no chance to get back your progression files. You may use the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena cheats again for every time you are reinstalling the game.

Now, we need to pick up a name to represent us in the game, make it short and simple and free from the swear words.

Tap to unlock the magic that is the first scene of the gameplay. A box has Mickey Mouse logo crafted on it waiting for you to open it.

Step into the sorcerer’s arena where enchanted cards come to life to do battle! The forces of evil will oppose you, so you must deal with them.

When foes appear, characters immediately move to battle. However, your help is required, because you wield powerful magic! Let us cast sorcerer apprentice mickey’s ability now!



How Does The Game Works?

The magical skills are shown on the bottom side of the screen; you can see four slots of skills to activate them.

  • Each special skill will cost you certain magical points. Drag the skill and drop it over the enemies to cast the spell.
  • The magical points will recharge over the time, so do not rush it. Alternatively, you can use purchased boosters from the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena cheats.

The battle system is turn based, so having a plan ahead of your enemy is such an interesting fact. You must be able to read the upcoming attacks.

Each mission will take you through several waves; each wave will be stronger and different from the previous. By the time you reach the final encounter, the magic points will start to generate twice as fast!

There is no doubt that the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena hack will improve your gameplay experience, but you have to know exactly when and how to use. It could ruin the fun part of the game due to excessive resources.

Winning battles will reward you with gold coins and experience points to advance in level. Over time, you will collect and build a deck of heroes, villains and spells to use across many different game modes.

Improve Your Roster With Disney Sorcerer’s Arena Cheats!

The card shop is the place where you will be obtaining new units to add to your group. This place should become your most visited sections in the game so far.

At the first time, you will be offered a free chance to try your luck with opening a pack. However, the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena hack should always have the presence due to its ability to provide you with the diamonds to open packs without any limit!

  • Each unit has its own abilities and powers; you must read the written instructions carefully.
  • The overall power is shown in the stars system; one star is the lowest and seven stars is the highest.
  • Find the required essence for each unit to upgrade it and improve its ability.
  • The Disney Sorcerer’s Arena cheats will help with upgrading your heroes.

The questing system is following a very interesting path, as the quests are coming in many different forms.

For each quest you are completing, you can notice the explanation mark appearing on the quest icon, this means that something new has changed. Claim your rewards right away!



Three Interesting Modes Available

The main modes available in the game are the following:

  • Disney adventure
  • Arena
  • Limited time events

In the adventure mode, you will walk through the storyline written for the game, and there is a very good chance to meet all the famous characters even appeared on any Disney show.

However, do not rush things, the new campaigns will only become available for you to explore as soon as you complete the current ones.

Each campaign will require from you to have a certain number of energy points to enter it. That will stop you from playing your favorite game for longer periods. That is why the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena hack is a vital solution for this case. It will provide you with the energy points…

The best way to upgrade your characters is by sending them into the battle. In addition, using the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena hack ability to get some free rewards and use it on upgrading the characters as well…

General Tips

Before the battle begins, you are supposed to pick the characters whom are going to fight in the promised battle. You have to be careful and accurate when it comes to picking up the characters.

Choose them wisely, some battles will require from you to have a fully defensive team and others will require from you to have an aggressive team.

Finding the right mixture between the available heroes and going for the balanced state is something you will achieve by playing for longer period.

The enemy’s health bar will be shown right above them, so know when the right time to cast your skills is. The skills will move into the cool down state once activated and will consume those magical points.

Winning battles will help you in advancing up in levels, and increasing in level will unlock new features and game modes.

The level upgrade potion will be added to your inventory as well, use it on mickey to increase his powers. Alternatively, you can consider the Disney Sorcerer’s Arena hack to get those potions much faster than expected.

Leveling up a character will increase its powers and make it much durable on the battleground, so this must become one of your priorities. In addition, collecting tokens to unlock new skills is an important thing. We got the meteor for 10 tokens.

  • The magical Meteor: summons a magical meteor to target area, briefly inflicting airborne and dealing massive damage.
  • Be sure to keep an eye out for the red notification dots on icons. This means something is new or needs your attention.

Accessing the settings menu from the top right corner will pause the battle. You can customize the language of the game, or maybe even control the sound levels.

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