They are bragging about the high quality of the game when it comes to the graphics part, but we did not see anything in that term. But when it comes to the main gameplay part, we are considering this to be on the top of the RPG ranking list.

Do not forget how the Divine Paradise cheats is going to become valuable for you in the advanced stages of the game. Using the free diamonds to improve your wining chances is such a very crucial move.

Divine Paradise was created and published by “Yufeng Li” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and iOS platforms freely.

The game is packing a very moderate graphics engine, which means you are not going to find major problems running the game, but still we would recommend you to have a decent flagship to remove any stuttering or lags happening in the game.

Main introduction to The Game.

We have decided to skip behind all the unnecessary introductions and head directly into the main gameplay component and cover up the available characters of the game, but we have to remind you that the game is only playable online. Learn more about the game by reading this Divine Paradise guide version.

There is no known method to get the game starting in the offline mode, so an internet connection is a must and you also need to have patience at the firs few minutes of the first time starting the game. Sometimes there will be some patches to get the game running.

Create Your Own Character.

The game is coming packed up with 5 different classes and each one of them is having its own pros and cons. And it is going to become our main role here to provide the readers with Divine Paradise tips and a quick knowledge about the main pros of each class at the game. And let’s start with the Warrior here.

Warrior: Strong melee attack, they were able to crush the enemy’s defenses with strong force and extraordinary physical strength. The attack is very high when it comes to the physical damage and with the Divine Paradise cheats, you would become a real threat to everyone on the battle field.



The Pros and Cons of Each Class.

There are 4 remaining characters at the game and it is our role to help the readers to make their final decision and pick the suitable class without being heisted or regretting the decision at all.

Scholar: Master of science technology, can produce magic potion and good at bombarding the enemy with heavy artillery guns. The attacking type is mid-range attack. Can summon pets into the battle and use them for his own cause.

Magicians Are Available.

The magician is available as well to be picked up, he is very strong in the big battle scales. Thanks to his magical damage skills but the main issue to the magicians overall in every RPG is the low defense and low attacking range. So once the battle gets harder, he will be dropped down dead in no time.

You may purchase new gears for your magician helping him to survive for longer periods by using the Divine Paradise hack service, but we are suggesting you to keep this as the last option at the game.

Final Conclusion.

We have enjoyed the details of the game and the variety of roles available in there. But the main disadvantage we have seen so far is the very bright colors and visuals. They could be pleasing to the eyes only on amole screens, otherwise the game is very annoying and cannot be played for long periods.

Also we have to mention that you will have to spend a lot of money through the main shop in the game in order to gain the sufficing amount of power. But with the Divine Paradise hack things will get much better.

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