The game events are taking place in the deep water, and by hearing the word “Deep Water” we are pretty sure that you understand that your freedom and the world that you have used to see every day is changed now. Prepare yourself to a new type of challenges, work on collecting fishcoins by diving deeper through the wide oceans. There are very dangerous creatures of course. But with the Dolphy Dash cheats, we are pretty sure that you will manage to increase your winning chances and improve your dolphin abilities.

Keep the game up to date, as it is in the starting phases only and nothing is very stable. Also working on improving the quality and fixing the bugs could only be achieved by the previous method.

Dolphy Dash was created and published by “Orbital Knight” company and it is available to be downloaded on Android and IOS devices, let’s not rush things out as it is still in its beta version now.

Quick Controlling Interface.

Let’s not waste time and head directly into the gameplay controls. Tap on the screen for longer period as your dolphin will boost up his speed and manage to make an acrobatic move out of the water surface.

You can jump by tapping on the bottom left corner of the screen, and on the other hand you will find the dashing option. Find more valuable Dolphy Dash tips mentioned over here, so keep reading the following lines carefully without skipping a single line.

Keep Track of Your Progression Records.

After completing each mission there will be a detailed report of the latest high scores. It is advised actually to keep track of it to know the distance that you have managed to cover, and the skin bonus as well.

If you linked out the game with the social media accounts, you can check on the leaderboard latest ranking system, this will show you how close you are getting from reaching the top. Do not worry about this part as we are actually going to mention the most important methods that will take you directly into the top, just focus on reading our Dolphy Dash guide for now.



Follow Certain Missions Path.

At each mission, there will be the three stars rating system available for you, so you need to always work on completing the given missions one after one to secure the full three missions and proceed into harder challenge.

If you believe that the given quest is way too hard for you and there is no possible way to skip it, then consider watching and advertisement video of the game and skip it out. or spend some gems using Dolphy Dash cheats, as the gems will come for free so no more worries about your spending.

Choose from Three Different Boosters!

The game is offering you three types of boosters, the fish magnet that will start attracting fishes from all surrounding area right to your dolphin, this is a very fast points increment feature.

Consider using the head start for one gem if you are interested in cutting a huge distance right at the start without any interference. And for the faster progression, the double dash booster is available as well. This means the distance that your dolphin is about to cut using the dash option, it will be doubled instantly. Afford these boosters with Dolphy Dash hack.

Revive Your Dolphin Using the Acquired Gems.

Before we speak in depth about the boosters available for you, you have to put your hands over the Dolphy Dash hack in order to remove the annoying ads entirely from the game. they will appear so frequently that it reaches the point of hate towards the game.

Once you die, there is an option to revive the dolphin once more from the exact point that he died at. And this will cost you some gems, try to use this feature carefully as each time you will use, the cost will increase on the next time.



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