Dragon City  was created and published by “Social Point” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

If you are interested in reconstructing the isolated island and bringing it back to life, then raising the dragons and building the right habitats for them in the island is the optimal solution.

Expand your territory and create new species, using the Dragon City cheats gems to unlock the locked features right away!

Get Started

Meet Deus the dragon master, he will help you on your way to become a powerful dragon master too!

Fight your way through the island, straight to the tower and see your efforts rewarded with big gifts. Read our full Dragon City review.

Remember, the blocked building. It takes a lot of power to restore this building! You will be strong enough to unlock it when you reach level 27. Alternatively, with the Dragon City Hack, you will be able to achieve it.

Check the goals section to know exactly what you are supposed to accomplish. Each mission will be shown in the list with the potential reward for completing it.

Questing System Explained

There are some tasks will require extra skills from you to get them completed. Do not forget to learn the difference between the recommended tasks and the overall tab.

  • You may forget about the rewards coming from completing the tasks as long as you are using Dragon City Hack.

The recommended tasks are the ones, which will take you through the different stages of the storyline, and then comes the secondary tasks as they will not add any value to the storyline, but still can help you with getting stronger journey.



Compete In A Competitive League

Some tasks will require from you to spend a certain amount of gold and gems. These tasks are considered the east and it is recommended to start with them at the beginning.

Expanding your land to make a room for dragons and buildings should become a goal in your highest priority. That is something any investor should be thinking of at the start of the project as soon as he starts to make profits.

  • It would be much easier to expand the island with the Dragon City Hack.

The greatest prize of all time in the tasks section is the league winner! Winning the league is a very difficult move and it cannot be accomplished on your own. You have to do your own research on the opponents and focus on your main strong points to pass through…

Winning the league will grant you 2.5k of experience points and there will be more gifts and rewards coming to you.

How to Expand the Island?

As we have mentioned previously about expanding the land, you should know about the available offers.

  • The gold Expansion: it requires 0 neighbors and 500 coins
  • The Gem Expansion: there are no requirements and you can purchase it right away with only two gems, the Dragon City Hack will do it for you.
  • The third lush island: it is currently unavailable and you are not allowed to obtain it now.

You are supposed to get 25 dragons. Get to have 25 dragons on your island and become a powerful monster!

Feed six dragons to level 4. Dragons will make more gold when they grow up. Visit deus as you can make extra gold by visiting other islands.

Enhance Your Dragons By Feeding Them And Using Dragon City Cheats Benefits

Rename a dragon and give it a unique and fun name is your dragons. Remember to collect caterpillar lilies, the more you feed them, the faster they will grow up.

Feed the dragons using the apples you have planted in your farm. The dragons will grow up as they eat and their attributes and attraction points will increase.

  • Use your dragons to fight against your friends and other players in epic battles. Succeed in combats to obtain tickets, progress in the league and claim the final reward.

Do not worry; you will not lose your dragons in the battles. That is a very important note to keep in your head.

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