Prepare yourself for a great challenge about to knock out your door! This game has been ranked the #1 throughout the past year at the japan’ App store. We are speaking about a big game here.

The game events are taking place in the kingdom of Heiland. And that is exactly where you will be facing tons of surprises and enemies. there is also a room to make friends and send invitations out to your friends to start playing the game with you.

To become strong enough to face the upcoming challenges, there are two things you have to do. First thing to do is to read the following review carefully. Second move is to activate the Dragon Project cheats. It will provide you with the necessary cards and gems, without having to pay a single penny.

Dragon Project was created and published by “goGame Pte Ltd” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost any Android or IOS platform.

Quick Intro.

At the start of the game, you will be given two options to choose from. Either use the Facebook login option and receive 5 free premium tickets for the first time, or stick with the quick start function and both features are having some pros and cons.

The Facebook will give you the ease of sending out invitations to your friends from there and also using the main account as a cloud saving server. Both of these features are irreplaceable. Learn more about the features at our Dragon Project guide.


The kingdom of Heiland was peaceful one. But as this period of bless did not last long. It was struck with a dragon’s curse “the Hex of Tiamat”. Light became darkness, peace turned into chaos and animals transformed into monsters. We are speaking here about a complete chaos and destruction has hit the city of heiland.

But from tragedy came bravery, as the heroes of Heiland stand defiant. Together they fight to protect their kingdom against the threats. And they will leave a legacy of strength and hope for everyone that would come after their story.

This is the end of the storyline, so following our Dragon Project tips from this moment and one is going to become the ideal decision.



Beginner’s Tutorial.

Welcome to the world of dragon project! Let’s start off by moving around the field in different directions, and we will be teaching you the movement controls. But before we move deeper into the gameplay, take a look over the Dragon Project cheats and its capabilities.

Slide anywhere on the screen to move the character into the slide direction. You can also move without even touching your character. just hold on the screen at the movement pad and the character will start following your orders.

Very Smart Controlling System.

Previously, we have been speaking about the basics of the character movement controls, and we believe that you deserve more to learn about the game at this version of review.

The combat is our thing at this segment. Tap on the desired target repeatedly to issue an attack command. The character will follow up instantly. With the Dragon Project hack we are aware from the huge boost your attacking system will receive instantly.

Clear The Remaining Foes to Unlock the Portal.

During the tutorial of the game, you are supposed to clear out all the given opponents to unlock the portal and proceed further. Defeat all the enemies and keep track of them via the hunting counter.

The monster’s health bar will be shown right above the ones you are attacking. So you could know how close it is about to die and either you want to engage in combat with it or delay it for a better day.

If you are a normal user, we are not expecting you to face many problems out there, but mainly there will be an issue with the gems. So come over it with the Dragon Project hack.

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