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Dragon Revolt – Classic MMORPG was created and published by “Snail Games USA Inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS platforms.

Take part in a huge battle that is happening between two strong factions, meanwhile enjoy the amazing features provided by the game including the ability of leading your own faction with the dragons through the different arenas, use the Dragon Revolt – Classic MMORPG cheats to ensure your domination.

Quick Intro.

As the game begins you will get to choose between two big factions available and each one of them is representing a side and a path that your character shall take and remember that there is no way to change your faction inside later on, so in case you wanted to choose another faction and try out its heroes and skills, then you will have to start all over again from the start and create new character, which means all your progress and items will remain there at the old character and will not follow up, so keep on reading our Dragon Revolt – Classic MMORPG guide as it will allow you to learn more about the features and also the cons at the game that you are about to download and spend the rest of the day playing it.

Join The Humans and Choose Lothelan Empire.

Here we shall take the two factions under the scope and try to let you know their features easily, at first the Lothelan Empire, it is located at the western lands and the humans are living there in peace with the Haflings, they are big fans of the peaceful life but still they would go to the war once it is started without blinking for a second and that is making them look so tough and strong, but they are normal after all do not expect super powers from them, I guess you need to obtain some important Dragon Revolt – Classic MMORPG tips about this faction and this could be found on the upcoming segments.



Ashitar Alliance Pros and Cons.

Moving next to the second faction we got here which is called the Ashitar Alliance, this is located on the eastern side, this is the dark side of the game as it is packing up all the Drakens, Barbarians and even the undead are living there, their main purpose at this life is to grow stronger and gain as much strength as possible so they could gain an honor in the battles because they worship the death in the battle so far, we recommend this faction for the players whom are in love with constant battles and fights.

Learn More About the Available Classes.

In the Lothelan faction there are three types of the classes available to choose form, but here we will try to make our brief vision over these classes and recommend for you the optimal choice that will fit your needs.

Starting with the Elf, this is based on becoming so swift and strong which makes the attempts to hit him very hard due to his high evasion skills, coming up is the Human, they are very strong and they got the ability to reduce the cool down of each skill that they have executed at the battle which gives you another chance to re-use them for countless times, use the Dragon Revolt – Classic MMORPG cheats to make your character superior to its opponents.

Get The Dragon Revolt – Classic MMORPG Hack to Upgrade Your Character Freely.

We been talking about the three classes in the Lothelan faction but we have missed out one of the most important classes which is the Halfling, this is the mastermind of this faction as he is very smart and will always find a way to decrease the usage of the stamina points that he has and also let’s put in mind that the critical damage will be always high because he knows exactly where to land his attacks.

You can add the Dragon Revolt – Classic MMORPG hack to your routine at the game to cover up all your needs to upgrade your gears for your character.



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