A simple hack and slay game, enter the new adventure that is actually based over the samurai world but this time there will be new special skills and fantasy storyline to be followed.

Enjoy picking up your favorite class that will be representing you in the battlefield, there are several types and huge questing system that is very fascinating, but to ensure that you are enjoying with the optimal experience and learning almost everything about the game so far, so do not forget to use our Dragon Samurai hack, cheats, tips and guide for free.

Dragon Samurai was created and published by the famous gaming company “Finger motion” and it is available to be downloaded and played for free on almost any Android or IOS platform.

Quick Introduction.

We will jump directly into the different classes and try to give our readers a right idea about the available heroes and to help them with picking the right class because once you pick it up there is no other way to change it later on. You will have to start all over again from the beginning in order to change the class which will result in a huge loss of everything that you have achieved or collected during the previous playtime experience.

So let’s start with the first class which is the seer, she is a mysterious girl with a magical wand, her main strength point is the AOE attacks, and also the ability to hit her opponents from a decent range, but there is weakness to this class as well which are the low defense and control system, keep reading to understand the pros and cons exactly.

Pros and Cons of Each Class.

The most interesting part is knowing that the game is based on the exact system that every RPG is following, so this is leaving no surprises to us at all.

Previously we have mentioned the low defense and control, and that is why picking the seer for close combat purposes is such a bad idea, you have to always keep your distance from your opponent and try to take it down once you get the chance before it is too late.



Shogun powers.

Moving to the Shogun, free spirited and naïve yet lethal in every battle. This hero with his duel swords is ready to take out anyone in the one versus one battles, so we are preferring to pick it up for the PVP goals and anything else but the PVP then we do not recommend you to pick this class up, also the range is decent fine but the AOE is terribly bad and not recommended for hunting environments.

Only The Smart Ones Shall Become Rogues.

Third class is the rogue, Agile and versatile even the dead will die again with her attack, a very strong rogue girl that is professional in eliminating the enemies, she will kill you even before you notice her coming right behind your neck.

You have to use this hero carefully due to its low defense, and range, so this will make you become an easy target to anyone, so we are actually including this hero as one of the hardiest heroes in the game, pick this class only if you were familiar with playing the rogue.

Become The Frontline Fighter with The Outstanding Warrior.

Last but not least the vanguard, a heavy guy with two handed swords, balanced warrior, always the frontline in the battlefield.

Now we can say that this is the optimal class for the ones whom are seeking the high defensive options, and also get the AOE and Control in high levels, pick this character if you are a beginner as we cannot say that you have to obtain certain skill level in order to perform with it at the top level, and with our Dragon Samurai hack, cheats, tips and guide we are expecting you to complete the game campaign system in no time.



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