Enjoy more than different 50 Saiyan forms, a very a simple classic game that will give you the experience of playing online against players from all over the world, it is all coming back to your skills of using your character, there are several features and a detailed report of the skills right at our Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors hack, cheats, tips and guide. That is why it is recommend to being with it.

Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors was created and published by “ONEGAME CO., LTD” company and it is available to be downloaded and played freely almost on any Android or IOS device.

Your Super Saiyan Bible.

This is going to become your new bible at the game so far, if you are looking to get full information about all the features inside, including the smallest details. Then we cannot find a better solution than reading and using our Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors hack, cheats, tips and guide so far. We will simply skip out all the unnecessary introductions and head directly into the gameplay.

At first before entering your first battle, it is recommended to take a look over the character`s section. You will get the ability to change the character, depending on the difficulty of the battle that you are about to enter, but at the same time. The new characters will become available after reaching a certain level of the game, that is not the only way to get them unlocked actually, later on here we will be illustrating the optimal methods that you could be following in order to unlock every feature not only the locked characters.



Fight Your Way Through The Shadows.

Everything in this game is very mysterious… the shadow is overtaking the graphics inside, so you should not be expecting to find the regular colors and effects that you have seen in the previous Dragon Ball show.

But as we have promised earlier, that we will be doing our best in order to show you the ultimate ways to increase your income significantly. So here we come to this part that you have been waiting for, let’s begin with the easiest and most guaranteed method which is using our Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors hack, cheats, tips and guide. This is going to allow you to get an access to limitless amount of coins, which means all you have to do is simply progress and reach certain levels in order to get new characters unlocked and then from this point…you do not have to worry anymore about the cost of each character.

But that shall take us into knowing exactly which character is going to fit you the most, picking up the wrong character will simply lead to several problems and we are trying to dodge them out as much as possible. We do not want to see conflictions between your skill level and the character skill set, that is why you have to read the next segments.

Overview Of The Available Characters.

Each character in this game is defined with several attributes, the first one is the cost, and that is something you should not put into your consideration at all as we have mentioned previously. The second part is the Power points, each character will have its own power points and the stronger the character is the higher its power points is going to be. It is starting at the number 1000. The next part which is the final one, is the level. Your characters will gain levels are you progress throughout the game missions. Always try to keep things simple as much as you can, complete a mission after a mission, receive the rewards, improve the character. That is how you are going to see yourself right on the top.

Keep in mind that each new character is simply just an upgrade to Roku current form, so you will get to see super saying as the latest upgrade here. I have loved the idea from them to add the exact storyline from the manga into the game, so the sequel will just go as you are expecting it be.



Optimal Methods To increase Your Resources.

Previously, we have mentioned that you can get coins from several methods, but we have missed to mention the idea of watching advertisement videos for few seconds and receive 200 coins approximately from it, this is not a reliable option and will not serve your target at all, but it is still an alternative solution.

That will take us into the missioning system and how it works, the game difficulty will go up gradually, which means that each level will become harder and give you a harder opponent to match your current level. This is leading to a complete balanced combats and also the challenge would be at its finest form.

Right here, I guess you are aware of the all the game features and its basics, but still missing one of the most important thing which is the controls and battle system, that is what we will be taking on the next part here.

Final Conclusion + Battle Guide.

The Battle UI is a little bit different from any other, as you can see at the top side of the screen, the health bars shown, and you have to keep a close eye over this part because this will show you how close are you from beating out your opponent, or even how close are you from dropping down dead.

Right below the health bars, you can find the Mana points, after each special skill activation, a certain amount of mana points will be consumed according to the type of the skill, they will not consume an equal amount. And of course you can see the special skills shown right at the bottom right corner of the screen, and that is taking us to mention that the game must be played with both of your hands, as the left side will become more responsible for controlling your character in various directions, and the right side for attacking.

When the battle starts to become harder and you cannot handle it anymore, then you have to act fast and smart at the same time, the attacks in this game have a very bright animation, so you can see where the hit is going to be, that is when the maneuvering skills of yours shall shine to the light. Move from top to bottom in this open space to dodge the incoming attacks. Maybe that is why you have to use the Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors hack, cheats, tips and guide in order to get a character that is fit enough to do the right moves to survive through the hard battles.

Final conclusion about this game, the game is not what you are expecting, it is very simple and that could be an advantage, but at the same time. You will get bored after few minutes of playing it, since there is nothing new the game gets to offer you as you progress, so if you are planning to play it, then make sure you are making the experience at its maximum potential and use the Dragon Shadow Battle Warriors hack, cheats, tips and guide.


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