Fight with your hero against evil enemies and destroy them and enjoy the real time battles and fights against real players through dragon spear by “Entermate” the game is defined as role play game and it is available for both android and IOS devices, and through the RPG designs and customizable characters you will enjoy getting through this fantasy world and finish its quest in all of its modes and styles and also upgrade your character for its maximum power, so let’s talk about dragon spear tips and know what you can do with dragon spear hack and what you will get from it.

Many Heroes with Your Style.

Through the game there is six heroes each one with unique play style and power, and also everyone has various number of skills that shapes his combat style and how the character behaves through the battle, and as you play you can also customize your hero and change in its style and look through hundreds of items, shapes and costumes, and also there is many equipment to be collected and used in the game to have more power through the game, as you add different equipment and items you will have more power, and every combination will result in different power options, so you have to choose the best combination that will fit your strategy and will make the character very powerful, you can use dragon spear cheats and get unlimited amount of items and equipment so you will enjoy the game with the highest power and best items and equipment.

Many Ways to Strength the Hero.



As you play the game you will have to look for the best way to strength your hero, from working with the black smith to get new items or upgrade your old ones, or collect set of items to use them and be a bounty hunter that will look for the prize, or even raise pets with great abilities so you will be able to sell them and the income will be used for the upgrades of the character’s equipment and items and also its skills, you can also use dragon spear cheats and get all of the items and equipment upgrades for free and with no waste of time while looking for the way to get item’s upgrades.

Team Up for Real Challenges.

Through the game you will be able to team up with other players from all over the world and defeat strong bosses together and as the bosses and stronger enemies need more power and team work, so you can get this from playing with another player or other many players to get enemies down quickly and faster than fighting them alone, through the game you can get into 1V1 battle and show your strategic skills to other players all over the world, or if you like team work and want to play with friends in a team you can join 3V3 battles where through it you will unleash your skills in the battle with your allies and team up together to get the enemy forces down and defeat the other 3 teams and get the loots together, and be invincible team that every one dares to fight or mess with.

Dragon Spear Hack.

Through the game you will need may character’s items and equipment and also you will need to get more upgrades for them to be more powerful, so you can use dragon spear Hack and get all of the character’s items and equipment for free and with no cost and also get their upgrades, also you can get all of the packages for free and with no external purchases, and this hack is completely safe and won’t affect your device performance or harm it after installation.

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