Dragon Village B was created and published by “Super Awesome inc.” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on almost every Android or IOS platform.

Dragon puzzle adventure, keep moving from one city to another and solve the given puzzles to receive great rewards and dragons.

Take care of your dragons and grow them up to become your backup through the battles. Use the Dragon Village B cheats to feed up the dragons…

Getting Started

Make sure that your internet connection is active and stable; otherwise, the game will not even start.  Get the game linked up with your google account and all of these actions. Heading now to the name choice.

The name must be from 2-12 character excluding the special characters. There is an option to use the Facebook as your login reference. There are benefits from doing such a thing, as you will be getting all your progression saved cloudy.

In addition, you will be able to contact your friends and share your results through the social media directly. Having this small leaderboard between you and your friends as well, all of these features are considered cool and adding the fun part as well.

The Dragon Village B hack will not interfere with the Facebook login feature at all; they actually could work together as you will be saving the resources cloudy.

Meet Nuri

Welcome to Dragon Village B, Nuri is the dragon tamer and she is going to be by your side and guide you through the game. Follow her Dragon Village B tips to avoid failing like the previous heroes.

Receive your first dragon for battle before you start the adventure. It is considered to be an earth attribute dragon, you must be confused now and missing a lot of information.

Before we start explaining the attributes and how they work, we have to inform you that Dragon Village B cheats service is a must have and you keep in mind that it’s one of the most important tools for your journey.



How to Play?

This is going to be a detailed guide for you to learn how the game is being played. First, tap a place where 2 or more earth blocks are together. In addition, try collecting the remaining earth blocks now.

You can find the given mission located on the top side of the screen, and the more blocks you are collecting at the same time, means you are going to get an extra booster.

At the end of the mission, there will be great rewards and a detailed report on your score lines. Some rewards will be only available for a limited period, but the Dragon Village B hack will remain there with you forever.


Learn how to use the boosters…

Let us learn how to create a magic missile, which is a type of power block. Tap five blocks with the same attribute. Use the magic missile and see the magic happens right in front of your eyes.

You will receive dragons after completing certain missions that is something you should put into consideration. Using the Dragon Village B hack to get them dragons is something you should put in your mind.

Customize Your Game

Do not skip your daily rewards, they are nothing compared to the Dragon Village B cheats, but still something that you can consider as a small booster at least.

Here are the main key features that you can change in the game.

  • Language change.
  • Music and effects sounds.
  • Facebook login or log out.
  • Contacting the support team

Those were the main factors of the game, play around with these options to reach the ideal state of the gameplay. If you have received a coupon at the start of the game, then feel free to apply this coupon and receive a greater discount on the dragon prices or even get a special edition of dragons for a certain number of rounds.

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