By using the Dragon and War cheats, you can now get unlimited gold coins need for making all the upgrades.

Dragon and War was released on 27 June 2017, as the game was created and developed by Reality Squared Games.

Dragon and War is now available on all the Apple devices through the App Store but starting from IOS eight, in addition the game is also available free to download for all the Android devices starting from the firmware of 4.0.3 and higher, do not forget to use the Dragon and War cheats to get the gold coins needed for making all the upgrades in the game, to be the greatest king of the era.


Check your internet connection!

When you first open Dragon and War for the first time on your mobile device, the game will automatically without taking your permission will try to access the internet, and start a connection to the Dragon and War’s server online.

Then the game will download a quick data from the server, while you wait for Dragon and War to finish, the Dragon and War tips will tell you some of his tips as you can upgrade to protect your resources from being looted.


The allies have been assembled, so give them your orders!

Dragon and War will begin, as the Dragon and War guide will play a quick game into, saying that the dragon and the scourge of the world, led the soldiers captured the city as your basis for survival and development, as the allies have been assembled so give them your orders!

Only well trained soldiers are qualified to battle, so you need to construct a training ground to assess the soldiers.


There is no shame in losing your first battle, so stand on your feet to fight one more day!

After playing the first mission through your game progress, you will of course lose your first battle as you are currently playing to understand the game, so the battle fire has destroyed the entire castle, as the soldiers within the castle fiercely resisted.

So you will tell your warriors that the battle fire will only burn the coward on the fiercest of the battle fields, they may face death today, but use the valor and let them know that today is not the day to lose, so let every one of the warriors follow you, and let them fight for freedom, glory and honor.



A new king announced.

After winning the battle and defeating the cruel city, the residents may serve you as the new king, leading them back to the glory.

As the first thing, you will need to do as a king is to upgrade your castle.

As next level, the level two will give the castle and provides an overview of your empire; higher level castles will appear more magnificent, so try to get your hands on the Dragon and War cheats, as it can give you the resources needed each time you will need to upgrade your castle.


The castle is a symbol of supremacy; its development determines all others!

Try to complete the designed quests, as rich rewards will be given.

After your citizen has won their first battle, so now they are in high spirits and ready for battles anytime and everywhere, so train them well.

Cavalry’s training camp is ready and can be constructed anytime.

Different camps can be used to train different soldier units; rational combination of soldiers units makes you invincible on the battlefield.


By using the Dragon and War hack, you can now build more resource building to produce different resources!

Food is an important resource for survival of your people inside your castle, so you must build ranches first, as constructing more resource building enables you to reap more resources each time, and quick development for your tribe.

We try to use the Dragon and War hack to easily build lots of resource buildings for free.


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