Recruit your army of heroes in a great mission of saving the world from chaos and destruction, get your army together to find for one cause under one flag, take arms against other armies and players in a new Real battle experience provided by the amazing company “Ember Entertainment”, start downloading the game on your IOS or Android powered Device.

The game is compatible with IOS 8.0 or later versions of it. And for the android it can work on android 4.0+. make sure you are using the Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes cheats before anyone else does to obtain the precious resources and start spending them on upgrades and improving your army.

Special Abilities Are They Key to Fast Victory!

The special abilities are something you should be using more frequently and relaying on throughout the different game stages, and keep in mind that once your hero starts to level up, this means more special skills will get unlocked and add extra powers to you, and since we are speaking about the special abilities, lets preview some of them at this ultimate Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes guide.

Acid Rain: deals damage to all enemies equal 40% ability power and applies continues damage for 2 turns with 70% chance, such skills are good on the long run.


Upgrade and Improve the Buildings at Your Kingdom for Stronger Outcome.

The buildings at your kingdom must be taken care of them and upgrade them, as the higher your melee barracks is the highly leveled and stronger troops you will be getting out of it, so make sure you are taking care of each building and keeping it up to date as possible.

Also start teaming up with your friends at the game by creating guilds and entering battles together, you can use the chat icon located at the left side of the screen in order to communicate with the guild mates and plan on the incoming attacks so far, get Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes cheats to be able to strengthen up your core at the guild and lead them to victorious battles.

Unlock New Slots at Your Party by Advancing in Level.

The partying system is different here according to the similar games on the market, the party is more like a group of heroes that you select from your own stock, they will start to gather together under one banner can be changed and swapped later on from the party editing menu, but the only issue you are going to face is the limitation on the numbers of heroes you can add to the party, at the first level you will be only having three slots, and on the next level you can get 1 extra slot unlocked, and they do not get bigger as fast as expected to be honest, but with the help of our Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes guide you will be able to know the fastest ways of leveling up fast in the game.

Understand Your Enemies Powers.

The enemies you are going to face their powers are rated from weak to natural to strong, and there is a color to indicate their power level in order to let you know whom you should be eliminating as soon as the combat starts, and read the Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes tips so you would be knowing the pros and cons of each attack type existing at this game.

Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes Hack Will Grant You a Reliable Access to Diamonds at The Game.

After each successful mission you are completing there will be rewards waiting for you to claim it, they will come in different forms, Experience points or Chests which will require an special attention from you to get them unlocked, some chests might require you to wait for a certain period of time un order to get them unlocked but still you can use the diamonds and unlock them early, that is why we do recommend the players to start Using Dragonstone Guilds & Heroes Hack which in return provide them with the needed amount of diamonds for free.


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