Dream City Idols was created and published by “37GAMES” company and you can be downloading it on your Android or IOS devices.

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ever dreamt of having a perfect life without any complications and making everything exactly as you have daydreamt it?

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Explore The World of Furniture.

the game requires you to have an active internet connection to be able to play it as it will be connecting you with other players from all over the world, so choose the server that is close to your region to reduce the latency as much as possible for a better gaming experience, and use the Dream City Idols cheats as well to have the required resources to have a huge advantage over your opponents and become the best player worldwide.


starting scenes of the gameplay contains various options to choose from and they are all based around customizing your own character and here in the Dream City Idols guide we shall be explaining the details of the customizations, starting from changing your main character gender either playing with a male or a female, also the ability of changing your own clothes and choose whatever dress you would like to, and do not forget to give a name for your own character so you would be recognized among the rest of the players from all over the world and once you are done head to press on the start button located at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Put Your Hands On the Dream City Idols Hack to Increase Your Diamonds Stock for Free.

the game starts with you entering a hall with a girl and you are supposed to shake the device in order to wake her up after the quick nap that she took because she was totally tired, and now check on your quest log that is located on the right side of the screen and once you complete a quest you will find the word completed highlighted right next to the quest, and you can also enable the super speed option from the menu to fasten up all of the game events going around you, remember that there are tons of the Dream City Idols tips available to be used to read carefully.

And now let’s help the chief to deliver some goods from one location to another place and there will be decent reward waiting for you to grab after completing it, but it Is always a good idea to substitute the mission’s rewards with Dream City Idols hack for free as you will be receiving more than diamonds that you could ever imagine for free.

Skip The Missions You Do Not Want to Play.

next mission coming at you is getting ready for the visitor whom is going to come to your villa so let’s get prepared and receive 10 diamonds for completing this quest, or using the Dream City Idols cheats would be an available option for you to increase the diamonds stock in your gaming account, and also never forget that there are always optional choices to dodge some quests you do not want to complete.

Place New Furniture Items to Decorate the Villa.

Maria wants to increase the amount of the furniture and modify the position of furniture inside the villa, lets enter the furnish mode to place the furniture by clicking on the right bottom corner of the screen and choose furnish from there once you go there click on the desired item and drag it into the floor to purchase then, you can be also modifying the positions of the item to have the best view and if you do not wish to place the furniture place them into packs and use them later.


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