My Dream Fish Tank was created by “Tapps Tecnologia da Informação Ltda” Company and you can download it for any Android or IOS Device.

If you are a fan of fishes or your dream was to get a fish tank, then this game would become the most suitable one for you, start breeding new species of fishes by getting them together into the nursery room or even discover new places by advancing in the game, use the My Dream Fish Tank cheats to ensure that you will be having no troubles at all with the coins you spending in the game.


Game Story.

Lore will be your guide at the game, she is an ichthyologist and works on studying fishes and maintain their health, anyway she is going to teach you how to start taking care about all your fishes in the tank and also will give you the ability of making new breeds out of the fishes you got, but at the moment first thing you will be doing is purchasing a new fish so head directly to the shop but make sure you are using the My Dream Fish Tank cheats to be able to afford any price of any fish you getting, but as a start the basic will be more than enough for the beginners like you, but if you are looking to increase your skill level at the game, maybe you could be reading the My Dream Fish Tank guide.

Nursery Room.

And now let’s move on to another part of the game which is the nursery, heading there is not a big deal thanks to the friendly user interface of the game which allows you to move to different places freely without any restrictions, tap on the menu icon which is located at the bottom left corner of the screen then move to the nursery section.

At the nursery you will be breeding new amazing types of fishes that you can add them to your tank, but such an action would take tests form you in other words it will cost you time and resources, you can be finding some amazing My Dream Fish Tank tips about the breeding in this article.

Speed Up the Hatching Process Via My Dream Fish Tank Hack.

Once the breeding process ends successfully, they will be laying an egg for you so it just takes time until the egg gets hatched, or there is an option if the time is not in your hands, which is speeding up the process of the egg hatching process, but speeding up the egg is not something you can do every time you wish because the lack of resources, so you can actually cover this part up with the usage of the ultimate My Dream Fish Tank hack for free, as it will be the main source of yours in the game to get coins.


Fishes Take Time Until They Move to Adulthood Process.

Moving the new born fishes to the tank is an important thing because they need to feed and get enough care from you, but keep in mind also that you will never be able to breed from the new born fishes because they will take time until they enter the adulthood phase, and now I guess you know the most information about the game so far so keep doing the steps we have mentioned above and discover some amazing new species, who knows you might come up with something beautiful.

Your Breeding history is Saved.

You can see the guide for the breeding in the information menu that is located in the game settings menu at the bottom left corner of the screen, it can give you a quick view over the breeds you have done successfully and what you actually have gained from such a process, so it would keep all your history written down for you.


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