This is the right moment to bring your dreams of ruling the world into the light. The game is offering you all the services and features you need to execute your plans. Enjoy the real time battles and defeat real players from all over the world. In addition, to have enough stock of gems free, you should consider adding the Glory of Empire cheats into your plans.

Glory of Empire was created and published by “mongo” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on android and IOS platforms.

You may not need an advanced device to get the game running smoothly. All the textures and graphics overall are on a very low bar. Therefore, this will help more players to enjoy the game.

Fast Introduction.

Begin your journey by creating an account to keep all your own data safe and stored correctly in the right place. This is exactly how the game is working and we are planning to give you the right path to take in order to become successful in no time. Reading our Glory of Empire guide at the start is the optimal way to begin your journey.

There is no option to continue without creating an account, that is how the game is working. Maybe that is because it is an online game at the first place so everything is related somehow to the online servers.

Make sure that your internet connection is in a good condition. This will improve the playing experience as a whole and help you to have the maximum results. On the next segment, we will be walking through the character creation and the different roles available in the realm.



Pick Up Your Main Role.

There are not excessively many different roles to choose from in this game. However, we can tell you that you are having the complete freedom to choose your nickname and change the avatar of your characters. In addition, keep in mind that our Glory of Empire tips will improve your performance as a beginner by keeping you aware of the most common problems that every new player falls to.

The first talent we have here is the defense. Rock solid, calmly suppress enemy forces attack systematically to minimize the damage. ATK:Eight DEF 15 INT: Nine STA: 5. Find out more about these attributes on the upcoming parts.

Second Talent is Intelligence. Good at construction and research, suppressing opponents with leading attack. It is very smart talent and we can recommend it with the Glory of Empire cheats to have the right combination of skills and power that will destroy an opponent immediately.

Attack is the last talent. Conqueror, seeking strongest attack powers and ultimate military force to dominate the realm. ATK: 15 Def: NineINT: Five StA: Five these are the attributes of the attacking talent.

Now, you have three main talents to choose from and each one is very balanced. We cannot recommend any talent over the other unless you are looking for something that is more related to your style of playing.

The talents cannot be changed later on the game…these talents will remain stuck with you and changing it will require from you recreating a new character.

Welcome, My Lord!

Ann is going to be your advisor in this game; she will guide you to start building a great empire. Of course, such a mission is never going to be easy or simple but with hard work and dedication, everything is achievable.

Do not ignore the fact that Glory of Empire cheats will be always there to help you with improving the game quality and the idea itself of having enough funds to purchase anything is fascinating. With your leadership this town will soon grow into big city, we need to build some cottages first.

The first cottage is the first mission in the game so far. Cottages increase population limit and population growth of your city. In addition, the path for the cottage is cool. Upgrading it next to a warehouse to have higher population from the same building size is the right way.

Constructing buildings at the city will come at a big cost and to cover the higher spending at advanced stages, the Glory of Empire cheats could be a smart idea to get it done.




Complete Quests And Keep Yourself Thrilled.

By building the cottage, you are going to fulfill the requirements for a quest at the start. Enter the quests section, claim out your rewards, and know what the next quests are.

The quests are split into three different types. The daily quest and that is the game servers will be updating a set of quests every 24 hours. These quests are global and everyone has a right to complete it and claim the reward.

Routine quests is the second type of quests in the game. Keep following the routine path, as it is the regular part of the game that will never end. Help from the Glory of Empire hack is necessary have thing of course.

Third type of quests is the lord’s quests. The lord’s quests and this is a typical sequence to your improvements and progressing in the game. Increase your rank to role bigger lands and have higher influence on the population.

City needs many resources. It is time to use the Glory of Empire hack or simply follow our instructions on the next segment.

Gameplay Preview.

There are several ways to increase your resources income, the Glory of Empire hack solution is the number one here. You can also follow some simpler or more in game based solution to increase the production.

Building farms for example will produce food that is needed to maintain the population and construct your army.

Vast land outside your city is full of resoruces. Therefore, you must look and start seeking some better opportunities and chances to enhance the resources system you have inside the walls.

Remember that the equipment dropped in PVP is from system not players or their bags. Therefore, these items will not be unique. Moving now with the Glory of Empire hack into the city hall to start investing into the city and see some new features unlocked.

City hall is the main building of your city, upgrade for faster construction speed and higher silver storage. Tap on the upgrade button to see your city hall jumping from one level to another. In addition, as we mentioned earlier that each upgrade would come at a cost and you have to be having enough resources to cover this part.

Speed up the processes of anything at this game by spending extra coins and silvers. This will make things happen instantly or at least reduce the construction periods. The next part you should be taking look at is the academy. Building an academy to research new technologies.

As your city is expanding and getting new technologies unlocked is the optimal way to see your dream getting closer to the reality and about to be achieved.

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