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Driving School 2017 is released on 4 August 2017, as the game was created and developed by Alexandru Marusac.

Driving School 2017 is now available for free to download on all the Apple devices and on all the Android device as well, through the App Store and Google Play, however there are in game purchases and you can get them for free using the Driving School 2017 cheats.

You are not going to drive to the school every day again!

When you first open Driving School 2017 for the first time on your mobile device, you will have the thought from the name of the game, that this game will allow you to give a ride towards your kids school, but it is really the opposite of this at all, as this is just an ordinary racing game, same as the others racing games, so do not get the misunderstanding from the name of the game.

Choosing your suitable driving mode is only the beginning!

From the main menu, you must begin with the career section, as the Driving School 2017 guide will play a quick tutorial to explain the controls of the game in a fast training session, the crew and the developers of Driving School 2017, made a huge impact to the game, as you can just choose your driving mode from four different modes, as you can bend your mobile device to the left direction and to the right direction, to move right and left, or you can get two button one for the left and one for the right direction, and they will be located at the bottom right corner of your device’s screen, or you can just choose the wheel, as you will feel like you are actually driving the car, not just playing a mobile game, and last but not least you can feel like a professional and get the manual gear and begin to have fun here, do not forget to get the Driving School 2017 cheats to get bonus gold coins.



Put your seat belt on before having fun!

The controls here in Driving School 2017 are very easy, and the Driving School 2017 tips will always try to help you in your dark times, and will give you important tips all the time, just use the gas pedal to accelerate, and the Driving School 2017 guide will illustrate and show you you’re path, colored in red and having arrows within them, so just try to follow the route on the mini map.

Do not forget to use the breaks pedal, and be careful, as it is very sensitive here in Driving School 2017.

Make no mistakes.

Driving School 2017 is a good simulation for driving a real car, so if you want to drive in the real world, and you are not able to learn, this game will help you a lot, as you can use the blinker to point at the direction or your turn, just as the people in real life do, and every time you do something in the right way, you will get rewarded by Driving School 2017, as it will offer you fifty experience points each time, also when you open your car, do not forget to put your seat belt on before driving and having fun.

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If you did a lot of things in the wrong way, while driving, then you will lose that level and you will have to repeat it from the beginning, as you can not cross the solid line in the road, and do not activate your blinkers, so those things will allow the game to fail you, as you will have to learn the basics of driving before playing the game.

Do not forget to use the Driving School 2017 hack, to get rid of the ads in the game.



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