Durango: Wild Lands Closed Beta Test is currently accessible!

Join the world ahead of time to encounter a gigantic sandbox open-world to investigate, make, manufacture, fight, and then some!

* Gameplay/Account information will be erased after the Closed Beta Test closes

Durango is the following advancement of completely highlighted MMO encounters on portable, designated as E3’s “Best Mobile/Handheld of 2017” at Game Critics Awards, giving you full opportunity to meander and pick your own particular gameplay, all while coinciding one of a kind investigation and city building encounters with continuous cooperative and no holds barred fights against adversary groups and epic dinosaurs.

Distorted from your reality into Durango, find the rich primitive condition intermixed with transported advanced things. To survive, you should source both present day and neighborhood assets around you. Grasp your inward pioneer to investigate, develop, and advance the immense and risky wild of Durango by picking your own way to collaborate with the virtual world and different players!



Make the universe of Durango your own, while following very much outlined key elements!

# Learn how to make due in the realm of Durango

# Settle down in Tamed and Civilized Islands – accumulate, chase, make, cook, ranch, fabricate, and exchange to deal with your space and resources

# Explore flimsy islands loaded with important assets, manageable dinosaurs, and insider facts

# Work together to make a family and grow a town. Chase down incredible dinosaurs in Raid islands and take part in PvP and Clan fights

# Conquer Savage Islands to accumulate better assets and fight foe tribes for control over the perpetually growing world

# Discover boundless number of islands with different conditions and more explained substance

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