A cool simulation to the world war II events but of course they have changed the details of the gameplay and things are little bit shaped out. Get the DUTY OF HEROES WW2 cheats to be able to enjoy the full features of the game free.

DUTY OF HEROES WW2 was created and published by “rubin” company and it is available for the Android and The IOS platforms to be played.

Decent graphics details but not very high to be compared with the top tier games out there at the moment.

Main Introduction.

Begin your gaming journey by creating a new account. The account creation process is very simply and does not require anything complicated. You will only need a username and a password that is consisting of 6 to 12 characters, and you will be ready to go.

Enter a server to play in from a set full of servers. You should always aim for the newly created servers. In addition, the servers, which are empty, would help you with developing the strong and undefeated career of yours much easier. Learn more about the game principles by reading this DUTY OF HEROES WW2 guide.

Game Basics.

Right from this moment, we will be walking through a basic tutorial for the beginners and show them how to start your first mission in such a game.

Enter the warehouse to open the beginner’s pack. It will grant you some items to start the first battle with, but you have to understand how these items are working. Once you are fully set and ready to begin the battle. Tap on the expedition to join the battle. Following our DUTY OF HEROES WW2 tips on the battlefield will only grant you a higher survival rate.



Welcome To Your First Mission.

The missions will give you an indicator to everything you are about to encounter in there. We are speaking here about the stamina cost…Entries number and the needed power. Do not forget that DUTY OF HEROES WW2hack will be handling the part that is related to the stamina cost.

The difficulty of the level will change depending on many factors, but the main thing we are sure about is the rewards. They are getting bigger the better you will be performing on the battlefield over there.

Enhance Your Performance To Increase The Rewards.

Each mission is following a set of requirements. Each single objective will grant you a star out of the three stars rating system. Completing the entire given missions will grant you three stars and the maximum reward.

In the tutorial phase, you are not allowed to check out on the other options available o the pre combat phase. So stick to the given plan and try to get the best results out of it. Before we move to the events of the first mission, we have to remind the users with the importance of DUTY OF HEROES WW2 cheats and how it will be changing your entire gaming quality.

Meet Chris and Call out The Rebels from Every Corner!

Chris is going to become your assistant on the combat. He is calling for help as the rebels are coming and ready for the battle. Your main objective will be shown right on the top left corner. There will be tracker if you were supposed to kill a certain number of them.

Sometimes you would love to change the viewing angels to have a better control over the battlefield, but that is totally up to you.

As you progress forward the battle difficulty levels will increase, which will put you in need to use the DUTY OF HEROES WW2 hack service and purchase the necessary upgrades to your military gears.

A very decent game, we would love to spend the next few hours playing it. If you were a former fan of the famous Company of Heroes game, then this one will blow up your mind entirely.

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