The Elder Scrolls Blades was created and published by “Bethesda Softworks LLC” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The empire’s top agents are forced into exile. In addition, you are one of those agents, and your hometown has been demolished.

In this game, you will start fighting your way from the bottom and collect the necessary resources to upgrade and rebuild the town again. The challenge is never easy, and the storyline is outstanding.

There are several in-app purchases in the game, and if you are not interested in spending real money into the game, then The Elder Scrolls Blades cheats will do it for you!

Scroll down to learn more about the gameplay…

Get Started

We will skip all the unnecessary introductions and head directly to the questing system in our The Elder Scrolls Blades review.

You are supposed to rescue the townsfolk at all cost. The rewards for this quest will be 110 lumber and 600 gold coins. You must rescue the villagers being held by the goblins in the abandoned highwinter castle. The recommended level to complete the mission is level 1, so you should not be worried about the difficulty.

  • Remember that you can always change the audio settings and toggle virtual joysticks in the settings menu. Moreover, there will be a secondary objective to find a secret hidden in the task.

The graphics quality of the game are great for a smartphone. You will get to see the smallest details shown on the textures and walls around you.

They have done a great job to make the game as close as possible to the original version of the PC. Adding the Elder Scrolls Blades cheats experience to this unique game and things will only get better and better.



Gameplay Experience In Depth

The wispy Clairvoyance thread will show you the way when you are lost. It is consisted of a highlighted blue path to guide you from one spot to another.

  • Destroying different glowing objects around will reward you with materials and there could be some cool items, the surprises never end in this game.

Knowing that the Elder Scrolls Blades hack will always have your back on the journey will help you on playing with more comfort.

  • We have to mention the controlling and battling system for the newbies.

Move around the areas with the movement pad located on the bottom left corner of the screen. The health bar of your character will be shown right at the middle. And on the top left corner the experience bar as it is an indicator on how close are you from reaching new level.

The battle system changes the UI a little bit by adding the defense and attack buttons on the both sides of the screen. The attack speed for you could be low at the starting levels, so you should time the attack and defense.

Hit your opponent with the sword, and then use the shield to block the incoming attack right away. Moreover, the Elder Scrolls Blades hack will help with getting much stronger gears without a doubt!

How To Get Resources?

Search for chests around as they contain the most valuable items around. These items will be used to upgrade your character and your town.

  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Crafting and building materials
  • Potions, gold, and more!

Unlock and open them in the chests menu. The opening phase will take few minutes and sometimes could take hours regarding the rarity levels. You can skip the waiting period by spending gems, and these Gems are pretty much rare and expensive in the game shop.

Therefore, the Elder Scrolls Blades hack will provide you with tons of diamonds. However, the bad thing is that you are only allowed to unlock only chest at a time.

We have received three items from the first chest. Longsword of agility, Leather, lavender, and scroll of revival.

Earn more chests by completing quests and jobs, exploring the abyss, or purchasing them from the store. Moreover, as we have mentioned previously, anything you can get from the store will be obtained freely through The Elder Scrolls Blades cheats.

  • Every new item you will be getting will be moved automatically into your inventory, but you must equip the items that you think are suitable for you.



Upgrade Your Character

You may pick up the dropped items from the monsters you are killing by simply walking right over them. It will be picked up automatically.

Leveling up will increase your max health and reward you with skill point. You can choose an attribute to improve whether it is the MAGICKA or Stamina. There is a difference between them and you need to choose a path you are going to focus on.

Increasing the MAGICKA will help you to increase the damage you are dealing with your magical spells. It will also increase the mana points.

With the right amount of resources from The Elder Scrolls Blades hack, you will manage to get the latest gears possible and enhance your character.

Starting from level 1, you can cast spells or use abilities. This is a new chapter for you and will make the game much more enjoyable.

  • Spend the gold in town to repair or upgrade your equipment and to buy ingredients, potions and decorations. The equipment will get broken as you go in battles and receive hits from opponents.

The skill tree is very big in the game, and you must read a detailed report about it before spending your skill points randomly.

You cannot have all the kills in the game, as you only get one skill point for each level you gaining.

Build Your Town From Aches With The Elder Scrolls Blades Cheats Help!

We have noticed that the monsters will not chase you down or come at you. They are stationed at their position and waits for you to come.

  • Remember that long swords, war axes and maces can be used with a shield, or held in two hands for bonus damage.

If you are getting enough health potions from The Elder Scrolls Blades cheats, then you may use the two handed option for the damage and to complete missions faster.

There is no exit path at caves. You will be delivered outside the place as soon as you complete the mission automatically. Therefore, if you were searching for the secret location, you should do it before you finish the last part of the mission.

We have loved how the game will open several paths for you to move thru. Completing missions to get right material to build the city from the scratch is a very difficult challenge and interesting at the same time.

  • The Elder Scrolls Blades hack should be making your life easier and help you to overcome the pay to win obstacles, that we tend to see in every game.
  • Choose a name for your town carefully; you will not be able to change it later on. This is something every new player tend to fall into.

The construction being done at the city will not take time, they will happen instantly. All you need to do now is to get the right resources from The Elder Scrolls Blades cheats and build the entire town again.

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