Choose one from four different heroes in the upcoming challenge in the open space. Each hero is packed up with tons of special skills to be activated. Use the Elsword M Shadow of Luna cheats to get the best out of them and unlocked the remaining heroes.

Elsword M Shadow of Luna was created and published by “NEXON Company” and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

Pick Up a Proper Name for A Legendary Fighter!

Start the game by creating your first character and picking up a proper nickname. And if you cannot think of any names to give to your character, then generating a random name is an available option though.

The game requires an internet connection to be played, so you must fulfil this part at the beginning of the gameplay. And do not forget to complete reading the Elsword M Shadow of Luna guide that was created by our team.

It will save you a lot of time and effort of running through the void and chasing the wrong targets. And to acquire avatars for your cores, you may seek the tower of rule. This is the right place to search for such an item at the start.

Your First Mission.

Lunalos has already experience a disaster of earth shattering proportions. This is the place you are heading there with the team. So you need to learn more about its history to be able to adapt with the different givens on the battlefield.

Only the goddess ALuna’s protection saved it from the imminent danger, but even now, Lunalos is still being destroyed. Your mission will begin right away as something strong will come out of nowhere and start pulling your ship into it.

Following our Elsword M Shadow of Luna tips would keep you alive for longer than you could ever imagine. This is a technique we would advise you to flow from now on.



Movement Controls.

Swap the screen and move from one point to another. Your destinations will be mainly highlighted in the blue color to help you with heading directly towards the desired target.

And now with the battle system. Your attacking skill will become visible on the bottom right corner of the screen. Of course there are tons of skills in this game and note that every hero has his own unique attacking power and skill. You may get an advantage over your opponents at this part by using Elsword M Shadow of Luna cheats, but that would kill the fun factor of the game. but it is an easy way to the success and glory.

Battlefield in Depth.

The battle you are entering is going to have tons of fields and ways to go through it. So we will start by talking about the special skills. Each one activated will move directly into the cool down state.

Which means, you are not allowed to use again unless the cool down period is over. But such a system is not being applied to the normal attacks. So if you manage to obtain a strong weapon via Elsword M Shadow of Luna hack, your normal attacks would be more than enough to eliminate any threat.

General Information + Final Conclusion.

Linking your account with the game will grant you 5x of the avatar Essences. The available accounts to be synced are the Facebook and Google. We usually advice the new players to benefit from any free rewards at the games.

We do also believe that the Elsword M Shadow of Luna hack will generate tons of Avatar essences for you without having to pay or go through any common complications. And this is the main strength point about it.

Your main goal in the game is still unclear, it would take you few minutes of the playtime until you start understanding the whole idea and the goals you are supposed to achieve in this journey successfully. Choose playing in the storyline mode or challenging if you feel like that you can takeout anyone in a challenge.

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