Elune was created and published by “GAMEVIL” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

It has finally arrived in its final version, you can easily download it now. It is following the stages system and of course, a turn based mechanism. Explore distinctive dimensions, where you will meet up with the remaining Elunes.

Your ultimate goal is to save the world and imprison the Demon God again. The Elune cheats should be able to help you to achieve this target easily. Scroll down to learn more about the gameplay…

Get Started

As you start your game, there will be a prompt message to confirm that you are allowing the game to use external storage for further updates and your phone to identify the special event rewards. You can still use the service without agreeing to the optional permissions, but you might face some troubles.

Ensure to have a stable and strong internet connection in order to enjoy the game to its full potential. Moving next to the first chapter of the game “Lucifer the Traitor”. The events occurring in this chapter are a little bit complicated, as you are new to the game and everything is still new to your eyes.

Monsters are swarming around the sanctuary, where the demon god is sealed. You must be wondering on how this have happened. There must be something suspicious from the fools whom are trying to resurrect the Demon God.

There are far too many of them, and there is a sense of a powerful dark energy coming from inside. Get Elune cheats ready for the upcoming battle, as it will enhance your overall powers and abilities.

You should not be facing many troubles at the opening phases, it should be smooth and simple. Keep on scrolling down to learn more about the gameplay experience in depth.

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The cinematic scenes at the beginning will only introduce you to the storyline of the game, but keep in mind that the storyline will not affect your main gameplay experience. However, you can watch it later on from the settings menu at any time.

Here is a quick look over the highlights of the storyline. Fragments from the dark stone that was destroyed at the hands of Lucifer, spread throughout the universe, tainting the dimensions with darkness. Corrupted by the dark stone, people began to hate and question one another.

  • We have to mention Elune Cheats & Elune hack services, as they could play a vital role in defeating the evil powers and restoring peace to the kingdom.

When every last disciple had fallen, who was left to stop such madness? Through faint, there was still la glimmer of hope, the Elunes…using their dimensional powers granted by the creator himself, they joined forces to cleanse the darkness cast all over the world.

Nevertheless, they were well-aware that numerous obstacles awaited them on their journey. Despite the odds being stacked against them, these fledgling Elunes sought to undertake this task. This is their tale.



Act 1: Fiends Of The Forest

The main events are taking place in Astoria. Astoria was the first Dimension that the creator made, an enormous forest where many mystical creatures live. There will be a dialogue going in between the main characters.

The first battle will take place between your character and the mystical corrupted creatures in the forest. You must use more advanced skills, ELunes must draw from a power called SOUL. You can recover up to 16 SOUL.

  • The SOUL gauge fills up each time an Elune uses a skill. Once the SOUL gauge is full, Soul will increase by the number displayed below. We have to mention, that the game is supporting Auto Battle system.

The main pros of using auto battle system, is that you do not have to worry anymore about handling every single move on battlefield. Adding Elune Cheats or Elune hack to the equation, will keep you worry free all the time.

One of the great features inside is the quick battle. It is very similar to auto attack. However, you can still enjoy the battle events and track down the progression and improvement of your units on the battlefield.

  • Note: if you are enjoying the storyline, then it would be a very important step to enable the alerts from inside. It will keep you updated with the latest changes occurring inside the game, when you are away.

How to Play?

It is a turn based game, so you must be patient and smart enough to handle the situation. You have to think two steps ahead and have a certain plan in your head to counter attack your opponent. Apart from activating Elune Cheats or Elune Hack, you must learn the necessary skills that will keep you moving forward.

Completing a winning a battle will reward you with decent rewards. The main part of the reward will be experience points. The experience points will help you to advance up in level and increase your overall abilities and powers.

The higher your character levels are, the stronger and more skills will be unlocked. You cannot purchase experience points, but you can get the necessary tools and items to obtain them.

Let’s talk more about linking your game with a social media account and the main benefits, you will be getting. Here is a list of the main benefits:

  • Secured game files
  • Easily game feels restoration
  • Inviting your friends instantly
  • Worry no more about matchmaking
  • Exchange gifts with friends
  • Enhanced Elune Hack Perfromance

Hope we have illustrated the most important parts related to linking your game with a social media account.

Customize Your Experience

Entering the settings menu to customize your experience and simply make it ultimate and good as possible. You are allowed to change the language, the game is offering over up to 10 global languages to choose from.

  • The server location will determine a lot of things. If you pick a server that is close as possible to your region that will result in a decreased latency and a faster experience.

You can always check your bank balance of premium rubies, premium gold, and free gold. Or you can interact with the game community center to meet new friends and form up teams. Let’s remind you with Elune hack services to fill up your bank with any number of premium golds or premium rubies.

Moving next to the game UI customization. You can choose whether to show or hide certain parts on screen, we are speaking about HUD, HP, Ultimate Skill speed, Boss Visual Effects and zoom visual effects. All of these are easily customizable, but the most important part is yet to come.

Changing the graphics from low, mid, high, and ultra will result in several changes in the gameplay experience.

  • Reduce battery drain
  • Smooth up the experience
  • Reduce latency
  • Comfortable on eyes
  • Higher reaction speed
  • Lower Problems With Elune Hack Service

Those are the benefit you will get from customizing the graphics level of the game.

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