Empire Four Kingdoms was created and published by “Goodgame Studios” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

If you are not familiar with PVP strategic games, then this game would be a perfect choice for you to begin with. It will offer you multiple exciting factors and will teach you the main basics as the difficulty level will increase with a steady pace. However, you cannot achieve something big without Empire Four Kingdoms Hack Services.

Read the key features before you start downloading:

  • Internet connection features are included and will be covered in depth later on
  • Build alliances with your friends and enjoy an enormous MMO battle system
  • Take complete control over your own castle, including upgrades, enhancement and defending strategy
  • Chat with other players and put up attacking plans together
  • Empire Four Kingdoms Hack will provide you with the necessary resources to upgrade your castle

It is one of the finest MMO games around the market at the moment, we are speaking in terms of graphics, visuals and gameplay content. We are suggesting you to read the following review in order to cover up the remaining features in depth…

Flood Your Bank Account With Empire Four Kingdoms Hack Rubies!

Once you begin the game, you will be given three main buttons and each one has its own usage

  • Connect To Facebook
  • It will retrieve any previous progression you have made on this account.
  • Instant access to your friends list
  • Share and brag about your progression
  • Login using built-in game account
  • It will function the same way as the Facebook button
  • Play
  • It will disable all the features we have mentioned above
  • Direct gameplay without any complications
  • Higher security in terms of personal information
  • You can enable of the previous cloud saving servers later on

The birth of an empire!

Welcome to your new castle, young lord. Let’s take a look around. Keep in mind that resources build empires. Your castle requires an abundance of resources in order to thrive. Let us begin by building a woodcutter and enable the Empire Four Kingdoms Hack.

Open the build menu from the bottom side of screen. This menu will contain all the necessary functions and will control your castle’ future from it.

No More Waiting Time With Empire Four Kingdoms Cheats!

Build menu will contain all the necessary facilities to get your castle going in terms of resources production.

  • Woodcutter will increase your stock of wood
  • Stone quarry will increase your income of stones
  • Relic Quarry will increase your energy points
  • Relic greenhouse will increase the total number of population

Remember that each building can be repositioned later at any time. It is recommended to make the best use out of given space.

Your castle will rely mainly on wood at its first starting age, but as you advance forward by getting help of Empire Four Kingdoms Hack, you will rely more on stones and your walls and buildings shall be upgraded from wooden age to Stone Age.

Upgrade your facilities to increase its main production counter. Tap upgrade in the ring menu of the desired building.

Keep in mind that upgrading will come at its own cost and you should be ready to cover up the upgrade expenses in order to wait for a long-term investment.

Powerful castle lords have no time for waiting. Tap the highlighted button to skip construction time for free at the first time, but as you tend to repeat the process it will come at a huge cost.



Expand Your Castle!

Expanding your castle walls will create more space for new buildings. It will always give you the opportunity to build more facilities.

Quest book is one of the most important features inside. It will contain all the necessary information regarding your quests and rewards from quests as well.

At the starting scenes, you should realize that the rewards will not come as big as you are expecting. However, you can still get bigger rewards with Empire Four Kingdoms Cheats.

  • Coins are playing a major factor in this game. Your citizens cannot live in this castle for free, so you must send out your assistant to collect taxes from them.

You are given the control to decide whether to increase or decrease the income of taxes. If you manage to increase the taxes rate, then the result will be unsatisfying. Your citizens will start hating your rule and might make a revolution or abandon the castle.

Special Challenge Explained In A Nutshell

“Your castle is starting to look worthy of a true king! I have other matters to attend to now, but I will return to offer more guidance soon. In the meantime, I shall leave you in the hands of my most trusted advisors. Remember to regularity consult the quest book for advice on how to make your castle prosper.” Those were the words of your main assistance and it is an end of the tutorial…

We need to create our own army to defend the castle from incoming attacks and to invade other territories and expand our rule.



The first move would be building a barracks to recruit soldiers.

Special challenge is an event that occurs randomly. You must be prepared for it and have the right units to participate in it, as the rewards are stupidly huge!

Here is a quick description for the first challenge “The knights in the surrounding countryside haven’t failed to notice your quick rise to power. If you can prove to them that you are truly might castle lord. They will bring you gifts in your honor”.

  • You can always recruit soldiers in the attacks. Open the military menu and select recruit at the bottom. Next step is to pick up the number and type of soldiers you want to train.
  • Training soldiers takes time, so upgrading other facilities with Empire Four Kingdoms Cheats would be a smart idea to get the best out of the time.

Learn the Difference between Main Currencies

Rubies is a premium currency that gives you lots of advantages. For example, it lets you skip waiting times or purchase special buildings.

There are only three methods to get these rubies:

  • Purchase it through the in-game store
  • Complete certain missions in a special way
  • Activating Empire Four Kingdoms Hack service

One more thing you are going to use in the future inside, is the VIP time. Use VIP time to start VIP mode and activate the bonuses available for your VIP level. It is a very unique and rare feature that only the elite players can enjoy.

Coins are needed for recruiting units, donating to the alliance funds, and during selected events…

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