The gameplay is running around the idea of creating your own empire. This could be fascinating to the ones whom are fans of the medieval ages. Raise an army that is ready to go through hell for your cause and raise up the winning flags all over the world.

Becoming one of the greatest kings in the history is such a hard task, maybe considering to have the Empire Four Kingdoms cheats by your side, could help you out with this mission. Of course you are going to face some other troubles, but they will be mainly related to your skill level.

Enter the challenge with tons of players from all over the world in place, make sure that your internet connection is stable and ready to take you up through the journey. Meet new players and invite your friends in.

Empire Four Kingdoms was created and published by “Goodgame Studios” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on any Android or IOS platform.

The minimum requirements of the game are meeting almost every device out there. So you should not be worried so much about the game graphics and quality, it is still decent enough.

Connect Now!

Connect now to your Facebook profile and gain lots of advantages, such as the ability to log in from any device or the chance to invite your friends and earn rewards for each friend that accepts your invitation. They will never be posting anything on your Facebook timeline, that is for guaranteed. Also it will take you only one click away from getting all of these features we have illustrated above.

And as a start, you will get 750 gems as instant reward for getting the Facebook connected. If you are not interested at all with these features, then consider tapping on the Later button down below. And of course if you changed your mind at any part of the game, you may get an access to this feature from the settings menu. Learn more about the game at our Empire Four Kingdoms guide.

On the next segment, we will be speaking more about the gameplay and how to start with the basic moves at your new castle to get started. As you are going to be the young lord who rules the kingdom!



The Birth of a New Empire!

Welcome to your Castle, lets show you how things work around. At the start, you should know that resources build empires. Your castle requires an abundance of resources in order to thrive. Let us begin by building the first woodcutter to increase your wood stock. Find more innovative Empire Four Kingdoms tips mentioned down below.

Building new facilities could be simply done by visiting the building menu on the bar down below. Right there, you will find tons of facilities, but they will be mostly locked waiting for you to reach certain level to become available once more. Use the Empire Four Kingdoms cheats to be able to afford building them.

Each building will require from you a different period of time in order to get it completed. So we are speaking here about the Empire Four Kingdoms cheats ability to skip this waiting period. See your city getting fully upgraded and improved instantly.

Always keep yourself on the track of the quests, do not try to waste anytime apart from the given quests on the list. You need lots of wood to construct and upgrade buildings in your castle, so remember to upgrade your woodcutters regularly.

Upgrading your woodcutter will also increase your wood production in the castle as overall result, maybe with Empire Four Kingdoms cheats you will make it reach the maximum level.

Organize Your City to Create More Space.

Organizing the locations of the buildings is such a skill, you will learn it by the time. Placing your buildings randomly into empty spaces will result in a disaster as you progress in the game. we are totally advising you against it.

That is not only about the random buildings. Also your defenses, their location on the castle will play a vital role in defining its efficiency.

Each mission you will be completing, will reward you with decent materials and items. Mainly the most important reward is the experience point. Increasing your level will help you to see new buildings and items faster. So Empire Four Kingdoms hack would help you with completing tasks without any sort of complication.

Expanding your castle should be always your main goal, but the expansion comes at cost and that is when the Empire Four Kingdoms hack will be mostly used.

Creating more space for the new building, should be taking a spot into your future plans as this is very necessary for improvement.



Expanding Your Castle to Fit in More Citizens!

Every time you will be expanding your castle walls, you will get more space for buildings. Your castle will also get another tower base for you to upgrade. Which means higher defending system overall.

Your citizens can not live here for free, of course! Send your right hand to collect taxes from the citizens. This is not our favorite way of increasing your power and expanding the castle. As it will not improve the happiness level of your people by anything, so we do prefer the Empire Four Kingdoms hack option as an alternative to taxes collecting.

Collecting taxes usually will take at minimum, 10 minutes. And as your citizen’s number increase inside your castle, then it means more people are paying taxes so the period will increase as well. The game will notify you with the latest changes and whether the taxes are collected yet or not. You can repeat the process every time it gets completed.

Snatch the special challenges as they are only available for a very short period of time. And at our case, the special challenge was to reach level 6 in very short time frame. As the knights in the surrounding countryside have not failed to notice your quick rise to power. If you can prove to them that you are truly a might castle lord, they will bring you gifts in your honor.

Communicate with Your Friends and Form Alliances.

Start exchanging gifts with your friends as they will be waiting for you on the other side as well. Maybe you should take a look over your message from time to time to claim the received rewards. And to remind you, this is how the Empire Four Kingdoms hack will work. It will generate the rubies into the gift from and send it directly to your gaming account.

We can simply announce this as one of the most addictive games on the store. Perfect time killer with a very decent change of the pace when it comes to improvements and events.

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