Line up your submarine and dispatch a torpedo salvo. Send the Warship to the base of the ocean

Foe Waters is a waiting amusement amongst submarines and ships. Summon and Manoeuver your armada as you go head to head against floods of privateer John’s warships. Overcome Seaports and Oil wells by crushing the foe warships. Grow your impact and acquire the best submarine or war vessel to confront the always expanding plots of Pirate Little John

Snare and annihilate Pirate John’s escorts by laying the ideal trap. Expect no less from the feared privateer as you play the part of a skipper and escort your own particular warship or submarine to security

Sonar ping to distinguish submerged submarines and drop profundity charges on them, before they release a torpedo salvo on your warship

As the chief, it is upto you whether to draw in quiet running on your submarine and sneak past a Pirate john’s war vessel, or get to its port or starboard side and release a torpedo directly into the warship

Recreation review controls will give you a chance to control the profundity of your submarine



Reenactment controls will likewise give you a chance to jump into more profound waters as you get away from the profundity charge from adversary warship

Send and fight warships and submarines from World war 2, Cold war period, and current circumstances


Tench Class: Submarines worked for the United States Navy. Likewise utilized by Brazilian, Turkish, and Pakistani naval force. They saw battle in World war 2 and Bangladesh Liberation war

Oberon: Built for British Navy. Prominent as exhibition hall submarine

Daphnè : Diesel electric submarines worked in France for the French Navy. Fundamentally utilized for watching by French Navy. Has raise torpedo dispatch abilities

Foxtrot : Foxtrot was the NATO detailing name. Worked by the Soviet Union. Saw activity amid the 1971 war amongst India and Pakistan(Bangladesh freedom war of 1972) by the Indian Navy. Known to be uncommonly great at noiseless running

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