Era of Discord Dawn Storm was created and published by “GAMELAND(HK)CO., LIMITED” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on the Android and IOS platforms.

The game features three main classes, Boss fights, and even PVP and GVG. The PVP stands for player versus player but the GVG is standing for Guild versus guild.

The dragons in this world are amicable for the human beings. You should become the hero of the kingdom and control the dragons to have a supreme power. Using the Era of Discord Dawn Storm cheats will help you in dominating the market.

Get Started

Before we start our Era of Discord Dawn Storm review, you must understand that the game will not start if you do not have any internet connection. You must make sure it is a strong and stable one as well for a lag free experience.

The game is still at its early stages, so they have managed to make only three classes and each one is coming with its own pros and cons. You should know exactly which class suits you the most at the end of this article.

Choose From Three Amazing Characters

The first class we got here is the Spell Sword.

  • Short range, flexible and high attack, who is good at counterattack.
  • Grasping and magic power, with agile ability to conquer enemies in succession
  • Use the Era of Discord Dawn Storm Hack to upgrade this character

Second class is the ELementalist.

  • Long-range, great control skills and high Magical attack
  • Good at curse, ice dizziness and ice shield
  • Strong range of explosive abilities

Third and last class is the berserker.

  • Short-range, high attack and high health points.
  • Good at tough battle, soul absorption
  • With formidable close combat ability
  • Your damage will be doubled if upgraded using the right gears via Era of Discord Dawn Storm Hack

Now, you should be ready to pick up a name for your character and start the journey.




The storyline is interesting and does not have any sort of complications around. The NPC will be there highlighted in the yellow color and ready to give you the next task in order to proceed forward.

Before receiving any task, there will be a detailed report on the difficulty level of the mission and the potential rewards.

The rewards will increase as the difficulty levels are increasing, and the Era of Discord Dawn Storm Hack could be an extra addition to your arsenal.

Upgrade Your Gears Using The Era of Discord Dawn Storm Cheats!

The Game is supporting the auto bot system. If you are new to such type of games, then you should understand that the Autobots will move the character and control it but you select the path on your own.

The destiny for your character and the battles, you are going to be the one to pick them up. However, as you will be using the Era of Discord Dawn Storm cheats and got your character at the highest potential of powers, then you should be more than fine.

Final Conclusion

Advancing up in levels will increase your overall abilities and powers. This shall secure you a location among the best players in no time.

  • Do not forget that you are allowed to communicate with other players from all over the world using the chat boxes. In addition, if you add other players to your friends list, then you will be able to private chat them.

You are allowed to create or join guilds. The guilds will add the team experience and the thrilling part, especially when you are fighting against another guild and willing to sacrifice everything to raise your guild banners as the winners.

Buy items for low prices and post it back when the market is need for much higher price. Therefore, the game is the perfect pick if you were looking for a time killing MMORPG

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