Era of Legends was created and published by “101XP LIMITED” company, and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

This game is bringing something extraordinary to the table. This is a completely new story when it is compared with other MMORPG. The gameplay is smart and you can enjoy tons of different classes with their unique powers.

The enemies are taking a different shape as well; they are smarter and coming in different shapes. Therefore, you might want to consider activating the Era of Legends cheats and take out all the obstacles.

Get Started

The game begins with a very cool cinematic video, introducing you to the main characters and classes available in the game.

The main idea of the video to show you that your team will be united to fight one big demon whom is invading the kingdom with his dark powers.

One of the greatest features of the game is the variety of classes. You can choose from tons of classes and each one comes with his own pros and cons. In this Era of Legends review, we will cover all the classes with the necessary details.

  • Warrior: he is a melee attacker with high defense and health points. The high health points and defense give them the confidence to protect their teammates behind them.
  • Shaman: a ranged attacker whom is specialized in Group healing, assisting in the attacking phase. Shamans can use their magic to destroy enemies, the power of nature to heal teammates, and summon elemental creatures to assist in battle.
  • Mage: attacking type is ranged, and main power is the HIGH AOE damage. Shirit the frozen miracle. Mages can skillfully use all kinds of elements, STR they are an enemy’s worst nightmare when casting magic from behind their team.
  • Priest: attack type is ranged and main attribute is single target healing. Avina- wish of holy light…priests are able to cure wounds and even bring the dead back to life, they help guarantee the team’s survival.
  • Rogue: High DPS on single target. Diaz the shadow assassin…assassins are adept at making surprise attacks by evading and sneaking up on enemies. Their single-hit damage is terrifying.
  • Do not forget about the importance of Era of Legends hack in upgrading your character.
  • Warlock: Ranged attack type, and main characteristics are summon, apply debuff. Loli the dark moon…warlocks can cause enemies to enter slowdown. Chaos and blackout statuses and summon devils to assist in battle.
  • Ranger: Attacked type is ranged; main characteristics are pets assist, flexible move. Silvetta- Demon hunter…Rangers have powerful-ranged attack. Their rapid movement makes them perfect at dealing surprise attacks on enemy’s rear lines.
  • Guardian: attack type is melee, and main attribute is shapeshift, high defense and health points. Kindy- Child of Nature…guardians can shapeshift into a dire bear and have high HP and defense. They can form a formidable partnership with warriors.

By reaching this point we have covered the main attribute of each class we have, you might want to add the Era of Legends hack to your game to enrich the experience.

Flawless & Friendly UI

The UI is simple and they did not add anything unique to it. They have decided to make the game as simple as possible; we will start with the movement.

You can move around in different directions with the touch pad on the left bottom corner. In addition, on the other side, you can find the attacking slots including the attacking skills as well. You may consider increasing your attacking powers with Era of Legends cheats if you are interested in massive powers.

  • On the top left corner, you may access your profile details including the main states and mainly the health points.

Following the tutorial at the start will teach you the main basics of the gameplay, but you can always skip the prologue and head directly to the actual challenge.

The glowing areas will highlight the path towards the next mission that is how you will progress and proceed through the different types of missions.



Get Ready For The Hardcore Battles With Era of Legends Cheats!

The battles are taking a different scenario from its similar games. You will walk towards it by your own will, so you can take your time to get prepared for the challenge and heal yourself.

You may also upgrade your character with Era of Legends cheats and increase your powers to cope up with the different abilities.

You may also use your communications to create a team to fight bosses. The boss will usually have much higher damage and health point, so you may not be able to defeat it on your own.

  • The Era of Legends cheats will also provide a back up to your character but you will need to find more players to join your party and fight by your side.
  • Connecting your social media account with the game will give you an access to your online friends list and you can do that with a single click.

The rewards from killing bosses are huge; they will come in form of items and experience points. In addition, we cannot promise you with experience points from Era of Legends cheats to boost up your level.

The game will progress automatically, and you are now required to pick up a name for your character. the name must be short and smart but if you cannot think of any name, then using the dice to pick a random name would be the right decision.

Outstanding Questing System

Meet Attila, he is the follower of moon goddess! He has seen your performance in the fairyland. It is brilliant to see how you emerged from the shadow and give your rival a deadly strike.

You can restore your health and powers by taking a rest, this is the fastest way to restore it back, or you can consider using the Era of Legends hack and bring back your main powers.

The characters are small compared to the huge world around you, so you must know the exact locations of the NPCS.

There will be a small minimap on the top right corner; it will direct you to the correct destination. You will also find the NPCS shown with the green color and you can find the enemies, friends in blue color and the quests.

If you are facing any problem in the game, there will be three options:

  • Use the Era of Legends hack
  • Communicate with the support team and inform them about the situation
  • Use the chat box to communicate with other players as they could have the information you are missing.
  • You may zoom in or zoom out to have wider viewing angel by pinching with two fingers together.

Changing the viewing angel is important because you will be flying from one point to another. The distances are excessively big.

If you ever got through any trouble including being weaker than your opponents, then the Era of Legends hack will give you hand in terms of gold coins and diamonds.

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