prepare yourself to enter a challenging game that puts your life at stake, you are trapped inside this scary town and the only way to escape it is by scavenging for the items that would lead to your own freedom.

remember that the Escape the Ghost Town 4 cheats will be always there for you to give you hints about the items locations and also remove the game ads forever without any extra charges applied it is totally free.

Escape The Ghost Town 4 was created and published by “A-S-G” company and it is totally available to be downloaded on multiple platforms and of course the Android and IOS are included in.

Enjoy Playing in Different 10 Awesome Levels.

The scary ghost town contains 10 levels to complete and each level has its own story and problems to solve out, nothing is repeated or being simple, the game will drive you insane as it requires a lot of brain storming to be completed successfully, right here in our Escape The Ghost Town 4 guide we will walk through the different missions and express various solutions for the games inside the levels so it is totally recommended to pay great attention to every small move we are doing inside the gameplay, also the Escape The Ghost Town 4 tips will come in aid of course.

Outstanding Visuals and Effects.

Entering the game by pressing on the play button that is located at the top right corner of the main menu, and once you enter the first mission you will be seeing an old room that dust has taken over everything on it and there is a seal of light going through the windows, and yes it is a scary room and everything is moving on it is own, if you look closely you will be seeing ghosts passing by and doing some weird things to the furniture that is located inside, so do not let yourself to get distracted with these effects and focus on your main mission which is escaping this hell place!

Leave Your Feedback to Improve the Game.

It is recommended to use headphones for the best experience by the game developers and also if that is not considered to be an important feature you can simply turn off the game sounds by tapping on the “Sound” word located at the main menu as the third choice, remember to give the game a good rating so many other players would enter the community and that is going to give a good boost to the game developers to create more types of games and also upgrade it with many extra levels, one more thing to mention is leaving a feedback comment for the developers with your impressions and also the game bugs that you have encountered so far so they could have the chance to fix it out in the next game patch.

Simple Game UI.

Now the game UI part, in here we will be talking about the various options and items that you can use with their exact location on the screen so you could be knowing where exactly you heading and you are tapping on.

on the right side of the screen is the list that you will be collecting the necessary items to get outside of this room at the first mission and of course the list will remain to be there in different levels as well, but it is always a good decision to use the Escape the Ghost Town 4 cheats to remove the game ads permanently and enjoy the game none stop.

Escape The Ghost Town 4 Hack Is Considered to Be the Optimal Escape Solution.

this is related to the UI part and will contain some solutions for the first mission, tap with your finger on the items which are located in the room that you might thinking that they could come in use for your escape, and once you tap on the right item, it will be moving directly into your inventory for later usage, get the Escape the Ghost Town 4 Hack to make things easier and remove advertisement as well without having to pay for it.


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