It’s time to think and know how to escape his island that was hit by a comet and destroyed many things in it, and that is in escape machine city by snapbrek, the game is defined as puzzle and available for android and IOS devices, in the game where you have to look for items to use them to help you in your escape from this city or mix them to make a special item to help you in your way to escape, so let’s talk about escape machine city tips and its graphics and effects.

Lot of Items.

In every level there will be items that will help you to use the machines to unlock doors to escape this city, so in every level you have to look for the items and use them in their right places, also there will be puzzle to be solved to open doors, cases, etc. so you have to look for the answer of this puzzles to solve it, and if you can’t solve them you can use escape machine city hack and it will give you the answer of each level puzzle for free and many other benefits.

Clear Design.

Snapbreak have made the design very clear to make finding the items not very hard and to make you able to recognize the items between other things or inside the lockers, also the effects of the game are really good and close to reality as you can see electric charges and the gas that comes from tubes, the design of the puzzles was very unique as you have to focus to know how to answer them    , escape machine city cheats can help you to solve these puzzles quickly by giving you the hints for free.



 Complicated Visuals.

The visuals are getting inside each other as the island was hit by a big comet so you have look between lots of items and know how to stop water or electricity or stop gas leak from tubes, so it’s all about focus in the game and in the items and to know how to pass this level and where to find the items and what is the way out from the place, and you can know how to leave it, the game makes you feel like you are really trapped in the island and makes you think how to escape from it.

Limited but Fun

Escape machine city has limited levels, but through this levels you will enjoy the game so much that you will replay it again and again as you can’t remember the place of the items that easy, so every time you play the game it will be like a new challenge for you and will need your focus in it, also you can use escape machine city cheats to complete the levels quickly as the cheats will give you the answer of every level for free and without watching annoying ads. Every time you look for the answer of the level or the puzzle in it.

Escape Machine City Hack:

Escape machine city don’t use coins or gems to be hacked, but it’s just the first 8 levels are free and the rest are with cost so you will have to buy them, so you can use escape machine city hack and get the rest of the levels for free, also the hack will disable the annoying ads that appears if you pressed any button or finished the level, also the hack will get the answer and hints of the levels for free and without watching ads, it’s 100% safe and don’t need rooted device or jailbraked one to work and it’s free of charges.



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