Enter the battle arena and lead the warriors into their glorious 5-minute battle to reach their goals. Go through a very interesting journey of strengthen out your squad with the right warriors and train them to become fit for the bigger challenges.

Compete against players from all over the world in the same arena, you may even send invitations out to your friends and make the battle even more competitive. Put your hands over the Etersand Warriors cheats and enjoy unlimited amount of resources for free!

Etersand Warriors was created and published globally by “Etermax” company and it is available to be downloaded and played on Android and IOS platforms.

The graphics quality is average, so this will give a big opportunity for many devices out there to download and enjoy the game smoothly.

Your Privacy Is Totally Safe.

Choose a login option from the tree available choices at the beginning of the game. the Facebook option is the most recommended one. it will grant you an access to head directly into your friends list and start inviting them out to the game.

Also you can share your biggest records there and brag about it all night long. And do not worry about the privacy breaching part, they will never be posting on your behalf or access an unwanted information.

If the urgently to keep your privacy increasing, then log into the game as a guest. But remember that you will never be able to retrieve your progression or keep the game data uploaded to the cloud servers. You will be more like an anonymous player to everyone on the field.

In our case, we have picked up the Facebook logion option, so you should be excepting things in the Etersand Warriors guide to be based on this choice so far and do not rush things at the beginning, as we will be walking slowly through the starting tutorial of the game.



Training Time!

First of all, choose your preferred control type. You may pick up the tap and swipe system, and this is the ideal solution for the players whom are preferring the one handed gameplay. And by using the Etersand Warriors cheats, we believe that the both options will become suitable for you.

And the joystick option is available on the other hand, it is advised to grab the device with both your hands and take your seat for the upcoming challenge. We have picked up the joystick option as it is more important.

Ready to get moving? Go towards the marked area, fly like a butterfly! These are the words you will get to hear at the first stage of your tutorial in the game so far. move around via the joystick on the left bottom corner, drag it towards the location you would love to reach.

Moving now to the basics of the battle phase. Hit beasts with your basic attack, sting like a bee! But the basic attack should not be mainly your most used ability in the battle. There are some special which will get unlocked as you progress further.

Follow our Etersand Warriors tips mentioned over here to utilize your skills and get the maximum profit out of them. and to start the tips series, we have got to mention the ultimate ability and how it works.

Unleash Your Anger and Demolish Your Enemies.

The ultimate ability is something that will be charged as you kill more enemies. it will deal massive damage more than you can ever imagine, and once you start using the Etersand Warriors cheats and enhancing your internal powers, this ultimate skill will become something unique!

And by reaching this point, you are ready for some practice battles. Do not forget, only the bravest prevail in the Etersand.

Let’s pick up a decent name for your character, and choose the country flag you will be representing on the battlefield. The developers have managed to add all the flags of the countries from all over the world, or at least the most famous ones.

Your name must be short and unique so the other players would be recognizing it easily. No cursing or special characters are allowed in there. last thing in the character creation is the avatar selection, choose an avatar to represent your player.

Now, let’s go back to the tutorial stages we have been walking through. We have completed successfully the become a warrior stage and we are moving into knowing the arena. By learning how to move in the battle field, avoid danger and exploit the benefits. And we are not talking about the benefits from Etersand Warriors cheats here.



Pick Up Gifts in The Arena to Have a Quick Boost!

Game will mostly require an internet connection at the most stages, you must get an active and stable internet connection to overcome all the common problems and be able to enjoy the full features of the game.

Practice makes perfect, step into the arena you have a date with destiny. Remember: your warrior will heal while in your base. So once you start receiving high damage from your opponent, feel free to head directly back to the base to regenerate your health points back.

Check out on the main objectives once the battle begins, and make sure that the Etersand Warriors hack is active to achieve your goals in no time. And in our case at the first phase, we are supposed to destroy our rival’s base tower.

The gifts in the middle of arena will give you great health benefits. Get them first and put them to the good use. The same should be applied to the Etersand Warriors hack, you need to put it to the good use.

The arena will provide beasts to fight by your side, you might want to consider sending them to the annihilation first and then you follow up.

How to Play?

We have mentioned previously that the arena will keep summoning beasts at a certain clock time, so now we will let you know how to use them to achieve your goals. And this is having nothing to do with the Etersand Warriors hack service at all.

The beasts will help you to get in lower tower range and start attacking them and complete the main objectives. They are good at distracting the towers and giving you the space and time you need to destroy these towers.

Do not let your health points get too low because you will drop down dead once you lose all the health points you have and be considered as a loser. Of course our Etersand Warriors hack will help you with staying alive, thanks to the boosters and rewards it will be granting you for free.

Win battles and receive some great reward crates from Solaria. Enter the crates tab to open them, it might take time to get unlocked. But you can make it happen instantly by spending some gems.

The crates are usually containing new monsters and heroes to use in the battlefield. They will come in different shapes and colors depending on many factors, you will need your new warriors in the arena. Go to the warrior’s tab to manage your squad and bring in the ones you believe will be a good addition to you in the battlefield. Remove the weak ones from the pool for good.

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