Ever Adventure was created and published by “Neocraft Limited” company and it is available to be downloaded on the Android and IOS platforms.

We cannot call it a classic RPG, but it has taken us back in time of the famous Metal Slug game on the PlayStation one. This game has everything it needs to be on the top of the ranking table.

The multiplayer feature has made the playing experience much better due to the communicating with real players. Using the Ever Adventure cheats will boost up this experience to its limits.

Welcome To Tessarim, Champion!

The world needs you, so you must learn the game basics and master them out as fast as possible.

Movement are only allowed to go into two directions, either the left or the right side using the indicated arrows. Sometimes you will face troubles to go backwards, so make sure you are fully ready before you move right and advance in the storyline.

When it comes to the attacking side, you will find that each champion comes with certain type of special skills, and a regular attack that can be activated continuously.

Upgrade your champion easily via Ever Adventure hack service, we are advising you to follow this advice to progress much faster.

Quick Intro

The game begins with a very small cinematic video that introduces you to the full list of characters, and it is more like a symbolic of the battle you are about to go through. Make sure that your internet connection is stable and ready to play the game.

There will be a quick update checker running at the start of each time you open the game, so the Wi-Fi is totally recommended in this case.

Reading our full Ever Adventure review will help you to understand the main principles of the gameplay.



Champion, Finally You’re here!

Pick your champion from a list of four different champions.

  • Rogue: a very solid champion with the ability to deal massive damage from behind. Master of stealth and cannot be caught if played smartly.
  • Warrior: very strong in the melee combats and can survive for very long periods on the battleground. The damage output is not that high but still solid enough to take you through the stages, especially when mixed with the Ever Adventure hack!
  • Mage: the master of AOE damage dealer, low defense by can demolish a complete group of enemies with one or two hits.

Priest: If you find yourself, more like a supporter of your friends and someone who likes to take care of others, then the priest with the healing abilities and guard spells will be the perfect pick.

Combat Tips

During the combat, you must pay great attention to your enemies as they could cast powerful skills against you. These skills can be interrupted by using your sidekick skill.

  • React quickly and pay great attention to every small detail that happens around you on the battlefield.

Skills are coming in different forms, some of them will be specialized to deal as much damage as possible to a certain target, meanwhile some other skills will deal lower damage but to a big group of enemies.

With the Ever Adventure hack, we do believe that your damage will reach its highest potential no matter which skill you will be using.

Upgrade Your Champion With Ever Adventure Cheats!

You will be given the option to choose the Facebook, Google, twitter, and even a NEOCRAFT account as a login option.

Using an account to login through the game will prevent any possible loss of game progress. The Ever Adventure cheats will boost up your progress rate and you no longer have to put the same effort that you were supposed to do.

  • Follow the quest guide that is located on the top left corner and read the full description of each mission before applying for it.

The character will follow the path to the quest destination automatically; all you have to do is to tap on the highlighted quest icon…

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